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    My dad bought this 1927 Chrysler Model 50.. The car in very good shape.. The car has been in storage for 20+ years so now is the time to start working on it.. I want to have her painted detailed and road worthy in the next few years.. I will ask question along the way here and hopefully with your guidance I can get this car finished...
  1. My original door jambs were black hence the reason my question.. Is it possible that the lower tear models such as my Model 50 didnt go into detail paint separations? When we sanded my door jambs to see the layers and it came up black thru to the metal.. This video gives me some clues... this is an original 27 Model 60..<wbr>v=10KAwKzi5Ds
  2. Thanks for the input guys!.. I have another question.. For the 1927 Model 50 is the door jambs the color "black" on both inside the door and body door jambs or is it something else... I have a few other question to pose upon responses..
  3. Im just about ready to paint the main body color on my 1927 Chrysler Model 50.. Is the firewall the same color as the main color of the car or is it black.. Any input? I have a few more questions that I will post soon.. Thanks
  4. I have used Transport Review 4 times(2 cars from Cali) and recommended it to others and not one issue came up upon using there top rated auto transporters that is rated by customer feedback... I feel its an excellent site to see who and what companies out there with customer feedback to support ones decisions..
  5. I need also need the old type asbestos brake pad replaced.. Do they do this also??
  6. Hi,, Inline Tube has has many of these obscure parts... I suggest you go threw all there catalogs of all car manufactures and look for any other parts needed... Ive bought the same plugs and many other hard to find parts from them.. Here is the link its should land you on page 195 of the catalog if not scroll down to page 20 of the PDF..
  7. I need my brake and clutch brake pads relined for my 27 Chrysler Model 50.. Any suggestions for who does these services?
  8. Thanks keiser31 for photo's and EbAy search... I still have the original cowl lights minus the bezels.. Although these look similar but they seem to be smaller and have screw in the back.. I already have 2 other no matching sets thinking it was the correct ones, I just dont want to make a colection of cowl lights... I will post my original lights up soon... Again anyone out there please post photos of your cowl lights for this model car... Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the photos, discussions and explanation guys!.. If anyone out there has cowl lights that they know its original and different from the ribbon style bezel as in this photo please post your photos.. Thanks so much!
  10. Any photos of these cowl lights will be a great help.... Thanks guys!
  11. Ive used Transport review dot com.. Excellent rating services of the top transport company in the country... Check them out and call the top company for costs.. Transport - Ratings and Reviews of Auto Transport Companies - Your Source For Finding a Quality Auto Transporter!