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  1. Thanks for all the replies…the smoke is definitely blue. What we know is the car has sat for many many years…I have no idea if the engine was ever overhauled therefore not sure if it even has oil rings…The ammount of smoke is extreme and gets no better with warm up. I will check the simple things first before i get too involved. Thanks for pointing me towards the wokr website….i have registered there too. Ordering parts shipped to sweden shouldn't be a problem as long as there are suppliers there. I will keep adding my findings and questions here also. thanks again! Don
  2. Hello all, Im new to the forums here and am looking for some advise/help. I am in Sweden and have come across a 1910 Overland 38 in need of some engine work. The story behind this car is that it has been sitting in a museum in the states for many years and then imported over here last year. The car itself is in fantastic condition as it has sat most of its life however there is a problem with the engine! Starts and runs just fine but smokes like hell. My first inclination was to the piston rings but not knowing anything of the construction of these engines i am turning to the forums for some help. Does anyone know who made these engines? And what pistons/rings/valves are inside? Any places out there that can sell parts or make them? I really want to help this guy out but I need a little more information before i can begin. Can someone out there please give me any kind of information about these cars? Thanks a lot!! Don
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