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  1. I just like "older" cars because I don't much like where modern cars are headed. When I'm 40, $100,000 is going to get me something with a computer that drives itself, and a built-in foot massage machine and soda dispenser. Perhaps it's just me but I prefer driving when I'm in a car, but I know LOTS of people who said that given a choice, they'd choose personal teleportation over owning a car, hands down. I'd still choose a car. It's just such an expression of personality. I'm trying to explain to them how in 100 years this will be the coolest thing ever. Just like how in the early 1900's fron
  2. Easy there. Just because I'm not getting the muscle car doesn't mean I'm riding a bike to work. The Geo is fine.
  3. Wow, thanks for the heap of replies! Lots of good info in there. The evolution of my thoughts on this idea: Although I did consider the issue of theft I forgot about apartment regulations and work areas. In order of magnitude these are the (now deal-breaking) issues for me: 1. Apartment Vehicle Regulations & Suitable Work Area (biggest problem) 2. Driver and Passenger Collision Safety 3. Gas Prices 4. Vehicle Cost 5. Vehicle Insurance 6. Chances of Theft 7. Vehicle Size (Parking & Maneuvering) 8. Vehicle Maintenance Work + Costs (smallest problem) Although the above is enough to make m
  4. A little about me... I'm in my 20s and planning on moving to L.A. I don't know too much about cars, but I believe in taking care of whatever you drive, so I've already begun cleaning up my aging 90's econo-car and making it look and run nice again, despite how many winters it's seen. I have a genuine interest in cars and I'm ready to learn, not just maintenance but also being a good driver. I've been thinking about getting a late 60's-early 70's muscle car as a daily driver. I look at the cars I could replace my aging Geo Prizm with, something modern and cheap, or even modern and expensive, b
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