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  1. The pics you attached are the same car, but not the same interior. The interior i have has a little piece of chrome in the middle. oddly enough, the pictures you attached, that's what the one panel i need to replace looks like. George, I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of the grille you have.
  2. I am in need of a rear driver side interior window frame for my 1948 DeSoto Custom. For some reason, it does not match all of the other window frames. Ideas for where to look for a replacement will work as well if none are available through this forum's members. Thanks, Nic
  3. I gotcha. Let me know what you come up with.
  4. Wow, surprised you don't want to rebuild it yourself. What would youl like for the two pieces of chrome in the front that ho from the grille to the sides of the front fenders and the rear driver side fender? My zip is 77373, for shipping estimates.
  5. i am working on restoring my '48 DeSoto. can you attach pics or anything showing what you have to part out? Nic
  6. HAHA! Hey, I'm open to suggestions. Just want it to run. If is has a deep rumble to it, then that's a bonus.
  7. The engine that's in there was already in pieces and rusted all over. Seemed like it might be too much trouble. I was thinking of dropping in a 350 small block or something similar, and keep the straight 6 to toy around with and slowly rebuild it.
  8. Thanks for the link, I'll look into that today. I already have a shop manual for it, but it doesn't focus much on accessories. I plan on a different engine (no clue what to do with the one I have in there now, doesn't run),
  9. Hey guys, I'm Nic. Just joined the forum, hoping to get some pointers and insight on some stages for my new little project. I picked up a 1948 DeSoto Custom Sunday. Right now, I'm just sort of staring at it, planning my attack and making notes of what HAS to be replaced and what options I have when restoring. So far, I've decided on keeping as much as I can as it SHOULD look, but I'm running into problems finding parts and layout info. Right now, the main stopping point is the dash. i have no clue what all the levers do. I know a few, but not all. Nor where to find parts for the dash. Need a r
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