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    Building model racing kits since a few decades,I'm no interested by classic cars and I'm here just to share pics and technical data to build accurate models.
  1. Hello Rusty,thanks so much for the link with the rare pic of the Todd Scool Curtiss trailer.Never seen.
  2. Hello JohnA and Rusty_OToole. thanks so much for the album photos. I found history on Coachbuilt.com. but it's really nice to help me. The project is on hold, I have work in the bathroom,so when I get a little more time for model making, I'll post more pictures. I wish you a Happy New Year. Best regards,Bernard.
  3. Thank you Rusty,I sought on youtube but didn't find the movie in streaming. Maybe one day on TCM cable TV.
  4. Some news of the model;so I made a flat floor and a shifted axle. For the underside I followed a " blue print " send by Rusty_Otoole consisting of crossties,I don't know if it was the reality,but... So JohnA,is it possible to have copies of your documents?by pm? Some updates.Thank you. Bernard.
  5. Thank you to all those who bring help and also for the interest. I would put pictures of updates shortly and you will understand with the pictures the chosen design with flat floor, maybe it is not the total reality but my model I like better that way. After an initial response from the daughter of the Hindley family I have never received the requested information, so be it. Some health problems are slowing my project, it's in stand by but hopefully get back to it. JohnA,thnk you for the interest,I hope you enjoy my project.
  6. Ok Rusty,thank you for the interest.I'm waiting for a reply of Mr and Mrs Hindley.
  7. Thank you ply33,I'll add these pics to my collection.I must find a pic of the interior just above the wheel axle. I used vaccuform technique with a piece of wood and a heat gun to reproduce the top with curved lines. Hope you'll enjoy.Bernard.
  8. Yes I'm right with the dimension.All blue print are clear. I find it odd the elevation of the ground just above the wheel axle;people should lift the leg to go through the trailer,it's just that I do not understand. I continue my research and I'll contact the Hindleys. At this time I am having problems with my webhost pics,so I'll place a pic of my progress asap. Thanks so much.Bernard.
  9. Hi all, I have an other question about the wheel box.I have not an accurate pic of the interior of the trailer to see the wheel box.Are you sure it was on the pic below? I think it would be embarrassing to walk backwards,no?
  10. Rusty_OToole what a pleasure to see that.Thank you very much for the effort.with all that,I hope to build a model in scale. Effectively on some pics the top of the trailers seems to be covered with leather. Sorry to disturb the post of Dave Mellor and thank you again mister OToole. Bernard.
  11. It's definitely that I wanted to find.Plans are they the same on the two sites? An other question,what was the paint scheme,color chart of that trailers of the period? Marvelous,Rusty_OToole,thanks so much for your help. Bernard.
  12. Hi,I'm Bernard from North of France.I'm a modeler kit and I'm interested building in 1/25 a trailer like the Curtiss model.I found some pics on restored model but cannot find data like lenght,width,height,also I would like a pic of the chassis.Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks,Bernard
  13. Hello Eric,here are some pics of my progress.I made a piece of wood to vacu form the top.It's not finish but I'm happy with the result. Bernard. Original wheels and tires Lindberg kit are very bad.I found the wheels from a '49 Ford and tires in spare parts.