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  1. Hi all, I am fairly new to the forum and own a 66 riviera for one year now. My car's hideaway motor do not operate with the light knob (i.e. on:lowers off:retracts), the motor however lowers/retracts headlights manually through a seperate switch fitted on the dash. So basically i have to switch on the lights and lower them from that seperate switch. Now i want to get the hideway lights operation back to its original state. Any ideas of the parts i will need getting checked and replaced?
  2. First of all, guys am reaaally sorry for the late reply I was out of town for work, and thanks for all of you who put the time to reply back, I appreciate that.</SPAN> Coming back to business, BEFORE everything when I initially replaced the wires I have taken a look at some diagrams that show the firing pattern and how the wires were placed on the cap. I went on and fitted the wires as per the diagram with the firing order 1-2-7-8-4-5-6-3(from what I remember because am away from the car), anyways that order is embossed on the valve covers, so no issues on that part. Then I had the problems that I mentioned.</SPAN> What I am glad I did is taking some pictures of the cap and wires position on it as well as the engine from both sides before the change which when looked at again I found that I actually I skipped one post (so basically I put #1 were #2 should be and so forth). Now here is where an awkward situation came in place, looking at the cap from above it looks a bit rotated anti-clockwise unlike what I have seen in those diagrams which seemed very reliable. So were it shows #1 post in the diagram is actually #2 in my case!! The cap is actually tightened and I never tampered with it, the car drives normally now. Is this normal???</SPAN> Bernie your suggestion of adjusting the rotor I would leave it as a last resort since it’s a nightmare to reach for #1 plug in the first place ( I have a custom A/c system with a custom mount which makes things even worse), but well if it has to be done it has to be done! </SPAN></SPAN></SPAN> Another thing I noticed is when I stop on traffic lights the car pulls heavy when accelerating with a bogie sound as if the engine is flooded with fuel but gets back to its normal state after that, is that normal or not?</SPAN> Sorry guys, my first classic, in the middle east, lack of professional mechanics in general, Arabic is my mother language.. so you know the drill lol. Hope I made sense from what I wrote thanks for everyone’s input again.</SPAN>
  3. Hi guys, I think this is my second post. Okey, i have replaced the stock 7mm black wires with the yellow ACCEL 8.8mm spiral wire set from SummitRacing. After putting everything in place and firing the engine i noticed a rough idle and the fuel smell was filling the place, the engine felt like it was skipping a beat judging from the sound from the exhaust end. On road the car barely had half the power it had and was struggling to accelerate. I went on to check by means of trial and error disconnecting each wire while the engine was running, they all seemed to be connected properly. On the cap, all wires were connected on the right firing order sequence. Thats as far as my technical knowledge goes. I still have those old wires, but I'm not really willing to let go of these. What could be causing this problem? do i need to upgrade any of the ignition system components to make this work correctly? your inputs are highly appreciated!.. '66 Riviera, 425cu.
  4. Heeeey guys! I am new to this forum and new to classic cars in general. Bought this beauty a month back and had it shipped to the other side of the world, Oman, Middle east. suprisingly it has the riviera owners association sticker on its rear glass. It would be interesting if anyone of you know its previous owner and history! Glad to be around you lot, seems like i will be learning quiet a lot around here!