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  1. Hmmm. I'm trying to get the old one out and it doesn't want to come regardless of how hard I pull. Does it need to be twisted somehow first or anything that might hold it in place?
  2. Ok, here's my question as I guess I'm not understanding something. Does the brake light switch screwed into the bracket or does it push in?
  3. Then looks like it will surely need replacing then. Thanks very much as always you guys!
  4. Was it with both the tail And third brake lights? The problem is back but the tails are the only ones sticking. We were wondering if it's a single switch or two switches for the brakes?
  5. Answered myself here. Moisture. Suspected moisture in lamp housing drove it til it warmed n dried n no more lights. Back to normal
  6. Just today our 91 decided that the brake lights will not turn off. Not sure where issue is as brake pedal switch activates the third brake light on/off but the tail lamps remain on... Would really prefer figuring out before battery dies
  7. Guilty of trouble free Reattas for awhile now. Spending more time on the road than online
  8. Something I hadn't taken notice of until this morning surprisingly, what's the story with the rear caliper orientation on the reatta? Both our 88 and 91 have trailing edge on the drivers side and leading edge on the passenger side? I've never seen anything like this before and it definitely has me curious
  9. Maguire's Compound and then their Polish here. Follow up with a good wax to seal and they look great for as long as we've had the cars. And this stuff, einszett 914806 'Gummi Pflege Stift' Rubber Care Stick - 3.4 fl. oz : Amazon.com : Automotive Works incredibly well on all your weather stripping/seals.
  10. Holy cow I want that! They offered that color as an option on my Riv. Love. It.
  11. Alright thank you very verrrry much for the quick replies. Going to head off to the local yard n see if any matches before bothering anyone for theirs.
  12. So, in trying to replace a wealth of vacuum lines today on the 88, when we got to the line running to the vacuum tank (item number 6 in the attached picture) the nipple bit the hose slides on to cracked right off. so...where can I find a new one? I've been scowering the web :confused: No yards within 1000mi have a reatta... Will the tank off of a same year Riv fit? Anyone here have one for grabs?
  13. Let me just start off by saying, what a great event! If this forum is any indicator, the guys at these Buick meets are honest, genuine, great people! More than I can say about quite a few auto clubs I've associated with. And the cars, THE CARS!! So many beautiful Buicks! Awesome turnout on an awesome day! (at least it wasn't this last Sunday with the near-triple digits though :cool:) It was a great pleasure getting to meet all of you! I won't call myself a photog but I did get a few snaps of the day including that maui blue number that showed up. Must say once again though, totally bizarre that both the 95 Riv and 88 Reatta placed third over some of the cars there. We took a lot of time getting em shiny and good to go and I suppose it paid off, even though we insist ours was in the worst shape there by far And the show from my perspective with the Riv... Following making good friends with the fellow next to me with the lowered 70 Riv, also the previous owner of the 91 white Reatta there on the end, he said he had another 91 he was lookin to sell. It was the maroon coupe that took 2nd at the meetup last year I guess? Anyhow, we went and met up with him after the show and well...now we've got a 91 as well!
  14. If it'd just stop raining long enough in Granite Falls to allow me to get the Buicks cleaned up before Saturday that'd be just great! haha ...no such luck so far