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  1. 990 would make it an early 32, carry over from 31. 1090 started late 32
  2. Well that answers the question of where the 3rd one in existence is located.
  3. Placed an ad here and with the Nash Car Club and have had several responses. One sounded promising in the beginning but as the conversation went on I became more and more suspect. He called me and had another incoming call so he had to take it. he called me back and went to voicemail. I have a very lengthy nasty voicemail from him concerning all membership here and have yet to return his call. Then the emails started...... I have received several emails from different addresses all assuring me they had the parts, ask for a picture and received it in short order. explained to them they had the wrong part in the picture and they asked me for a picture of what i need so they could identify the right part. Considered sending a picture of a Duesenberg engine to see how much they would sell it for! I just need parts, not the added BS!
  4. Auburn used both. lower line cars had steeldraulics until 31 or 32.
  5. you should be good with 3/4 wheel cylinders. I believe that is what is on my friends Auburn with the same size drum. Also, they used different sizes in the front, one side was larger so in a panic situation the car has a tendency to pull to the ditch and not oncoming traffic!
  6. These brakes work great if they are adjusted correctly. That being said you have removed the finicky part of the system, the cable. When the cable is used you have to have it adjusted just right so your fulcrum is able to apply max force with minimum effort when brakes are applied. you should be able to adjust them out so they just barely touch and your wheel cylinders should be fine.
  7. all good information. I am close to Effingham regrind so the cam will go there. The tappets are the problem. the ends are broken off........ Imagine how the cam looks....
  8. Thanks for the help. Of course that does not widen the search very much!


    Does anyone know of an online listing of dimensions for tappets? or does some one have an old interchange manual that could tell me who else used tappets that would fit my Nash? Diameter is 0.685 length is 2.785
  10. Looking for a spare engine..... who has one laying around they would part with?
  11. Fort Wayne did my clutch on both my 40 Limited and my 32 Cord. no complaints on either. The Buick took about 7 days total before it was back in my hands.
  12. Slightly apprehensive about taking the car but I have to keep telling myself it will never be more than 200 miles from the tow vehicle. I have no fears driving it halfway across the state here so what is the difference? Mental road block for me. But I am going to do it. One highlight for me will be driving it from Grand Lake to The Stanley in Estes Park for a bloody mary on the veranda! Mike, not sure I will have time to drop down to see you. We are going to Glenwood Springs to hike up to Hanging lake again. 2 years ago we did it but did not take enough water along and my 74 year old mother could not complete the hike. 2 years later and 6 months after completing Chemo treatments she is going to do it again! I will pack lots of water.
  13. Taking a weeks vacation to Colorado this summer and thinking about taking my 40 Limited to drive once I am there. Question is how much will the altitude affect it? Starting out in Denver but headed over the divide to Grand lake for most of the week with one side trip to Glenwood Springs. The car is driven extensively here in the lowlands with no known issues.
  14. this was fun to drive. painted dark blue with grey interior and black wheels.
  15. Have you used them recently? I saw good reviews prior to 2004ish, after that not so much....
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