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  1. Okay, this is what I’ve got. I have two sets of exhaust manifolds for 401-425s (And for those of you who can really cross reference The part numbers, maybe more) that will fit ’63-‘66s. These #s are, B 1361860-1F, B 1366827-2, B 1361860-2F, B-1366827-1D… All are in really good condition, no cracks, no warpage, No rust, The heat riser(?) on one is complete but stuck, and on the other, is missing the spring, but not stuck. I’m going to make it simple.. $80/each plus shipping.. which should be < $20.. Questions… Or if you need more pictures, ask for a PM.
  2. Ok Gents I tried several suppliers and different price ranges when I was replacing the bushings in my "65 Riviera. They all said They will fit, They all would not. So Instead of putting a two-piece bushing in my "Control" arms, this is how I handled it. I removed the bushings and the inner sleeves from the outer sleeves, leaving those still in the control arms. Took a Control Arm, an old inner sleeve, a new inner sleeve (the O.D. is different than from the old one) to a local machine shop. Had the shop make some sets of bushings from Ultra High Density Urethane. Much tougher than the original rubber. They fill the bracket void from side to side. They do stiffen the ride quite a bit, but they are a perfect fit! Without removing the outer sleeve from the control arm! I have spare sets available if anyone is interested.. RG
  3. May be a little late to the party, but I'm running 15" Road wheels over the Scarebird conversion with no issues at all. I believe the caliper is a Cadillac and the rotor is from a early '70's Riviera. But I'll have to get the paperwork out to verify. Scarebird will have a parts list though as you already know. I do have to say, their formula for resetting the toe-in did not work on my '65 Riviera. No big deal though. Good Luck..
  4. Are you still looking for this? RG
  5. BB401

    Fender Swap?

    Yes..Dual Quads.. Came across that setup during my parts hunting. Thought about putting it on another built up engine yet to be completed. But couldn't resist. So I've got a 401/dual quads.
  6. BB401

    Fender Swap?

    Thanks Steve. I think I had actually talked with that "Old Man"Roff as you called him. I had checked out three places around Shawnee actually. That's how I got directed to Willie's. You are correct, lots of good cars at reasonable prices there. It's like old man Willie bought up cars and never sold them, just stashed them. Now his son has them to sell and part out.
  7. Are you still looking for a shell? I may have just the thing. A '63 that has a good body that I was about to part out. No front clip. RG
  8. BB401

    Fender Swap?

    As promised, I'd post the finished product...almost there. First an update. I stripped the front end of the '65. I removed the fenders from my '63 parts car as well as the driver's side inner fender. Then installed the inner on the '65. (more later). Installed BOTH '63 fenders. Yes, they'll fit on '65 inner fenders. This is where my dilemma began. Do I go forth with the swap over to a custom '63 front end on a '65 because that's the parts I have on hand? I haven't been able to locate the hood and fender any closer than Arizona and he won't/can't provide a photo. Need to figure shipping costs before I make a 20 hour one-way trip. Or do I try looking more? In the mean time, still gathering the rest of the parts and I need to rebuild my center-link/drag link. Sorry $400+ from Rare Parts is just to much. Figured out that if you file off the welded edge of what I call the "Mushroom Cap" they'll just fall out. Then you can press out the tapered "bolts" with little effort. What I found in mine to be worn was the plastic 'T' shaped bushing, not the rubber itself. I had a small local machine shop make a set of these out of oil impregnated bronze called Oilite. Press them back in, insert bolt, reset mushroom cap with a touch of grease, and wire weld back on.(Body shop welded mine) Start to finish, about a week...$185. Pulled everything off the spindles and installed disc brakes.(More later). Replaced transmission lines. Replaced second new aluminum radiator(first one was three weeks old when the wreck happened). Installed core support from the '63. Still no hood or fender and coming up on spring break. Got a trip planned to go to Oklahoma then. Looked around up there for three days. Found lots of good stuff just not for a '65 Riviera. (Need to make a return trip to Willie's Salvage in Earlsboro, OK). Decided to come back through Big "D" Dallas where a place had 8 cars. They said they have no good fenders, but got 8 cars. Gotta stop. Need other stuff. Guess what... 8 cars = 1 fender. Yahoo! Also bought an original green tint windshield without scratches. Ok, now with a '65 fender the plan has taken shape. Back to original form, not a hybrid. Fender and '63 hood go to the body shop around the corner. '63 fenders come off of the car. Finish gathering smaller parts and then I get a surprise along the way. (Check out the photos) So with the '63 hood and '65 fender out of the body shop and other parts already installed didn't take long to get these fit up. The only things left to do are some trim, bumper (Due to final painting) and new dash and windshield that are non-wreck items. How about that for a driveway rebuild of a daily driver...
  9. Bob, do you only need the one? I have some that I've salvaged that are in good shape if you want one. Just send a P.M.
  10. Just found this thread.. Is this still active? I need the driver's side front fender and some associated trim. Thank you
  11. BB401

    Fender Swap?

    However this turns out, I'll post the finished product. Thanks for all the info.
  12. BB401

    Fender Swap?

    Being a daily driver, it's fully insured. I've been trying to figure out a way to put "Phantom" headlights in the clamshell pockets way before this accident. Tried fitting the cathedrals from the '63 but as you know, they are to short and narrow. Thus, the questions about fender swaps. But then I'd have to deal with the sharper body line. It'll probably stay original. I should be glad I had it insured, and that no one was hurt.
  13. BB401

    Fender Swap?

    Guess I should have done this earlier... I've uploaded a photo of the car in my gallery.
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