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  1. I am in need of an alarm module (fits under dash) for a 1991 Reatta. Surely, someone must have a parts vehicle with a usable used one, or possibly a parts house has a new one? Please advise. Thanks, Charlie uwcharliet@yahoo.com
  2. Help! The top of the ratchet, (where the end of the cable is withheld) is sprung. What I mean is there is a two prong fork which is supposed to grab the end of the cable, but the cable pulls through. Not much more than a spot weld will fix the problem, but the difficulty is:: HOW IN THE HELL do you remove the ratchet? It appears to be completely disconnected (I have a factory diagram), but my mechanic cannot get it out... It is like the frame was built AROUND the ratcheting device. HELP! What are we doing wrong, Even removing part of the dash won't releas
  3. I will try this new $99 source for my 1988 Reatta coupe that needs cluster repair. I will report back on this thread regarding my experience.
  4. Scrapping 1990 coupe. Other parts are available, but I know Good Reatta glass is difficult to find.
  5. Needed for my 1988 Reatta: - Complete working instrument cluster. * - Working monitor. * - Sunroof mechanism. (What model Mazda is interchangeable?) * Exchange available or rebuild mine.
  6. A fellow on craigslist is looking for a 1990 headlight switch. Who has one? How much? I stuck my neck out to help the fella and told him I could help him out...
  7. Compare the GM part number to "rivie's" of the same era.
  8. Rust? Glass? Electronics? Thanks. Charlie
  9. SLO = San Luis Obispo, CA? This looks like it is worth a look for those who want the touch screen. I am still looking for another 1991.
  10. I have to compare all 1991's to the Scapoose OR 1991 coupe listed here this time last year which I took to Van Nuys in June. One owner, always garaged and serviced, 72K, $3100. I gave it to my wife when she used some leverage on me, and wonder why I can't find one like it for myself at the same price...
  11. Interested if still available. uwcharliet@yahoo.com
  12. I was beginning to believe this could be a $3500-$4000 Reatta, but if it DOES need a paint job, there goes $2000 off the top.
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