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  1. I am very disappointed too. I would just like to know why this newer 04 Class was ever started in the first place. I saw nothing wrong with all these cars being in the Production Class with other cars of the same years. It just opens a can of worms.
  2. Hi Steve, I was wondering will there be a place on this new survey for T-2's? If there should be an all VW class will the T-2's be in or out of it? I personally think that VW's should be put back into the production class as in the past. Dick...
  3. I think it time for me to chime in. I saw no need for this 04B class in the first place and have yet to see a criteria for how certain cars fit the class. I am sure there are other cars that would also fit in the 04B class but are not. I thought it was just fine the way it was with ALL cars in the Production Class. All it did was to create more work for the AACA. I also don't understand why they want to exclude my T-2 Bus to be put, I suppose into another class, here again more work for the AACA. I thought the survey we VW owners received was very vague and should have been presented with a little more detail. I am sending my survey back with the recommendation of putting the VW's and the rest of 04B back into the Production Class where they belong. How about getting some other SMALL and BIG car owners opinion.