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    45 years auto parts,love buicks,own 1989 & 1990 Reattas
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    My 89 is a little noisy I have replaced the converter, now looking for a muffler. I know you can no longer get the 18240 Walker unit. Does anyone have a replacement number for this or do I get a muffler to create something that will work. I do not want it to change the sound love driving a quite car. Thanks
  2. Thank you ,working on it I will post when done.
  3. When starting the engine my CRT shoes low oil warning? Has good oil pressure & lots of oil. Any suggestions,thanks
  4. Thank you I will get on it!! Well said Barney great quote.
  5. When I bought my Reatta I had the brakes flushed. Is there a schedule/time/mileage that thois should be done? I could not find any information on this other then how to do it. Thanks George
  6. I am 78,bought my 89 two years ago,it had 68,000 love the car.
  7. I pulled in to a parking spot at 5-Guys a few days ago & a new Cad pulled in along side of me. He asked if I would be interested in buying his large screen TV I told him no & asked why he would think I would be interested in what he had to sell. He said I figured anyone driveing a car like that could afford to buy it. I did not bother to tell him how inexpensive a Reatta really is.
  8. Back in the 50s we moved the gear shifts to the left side of the wheel just to be different. This meant the gear shift patern was upside down,made for a fun ride if you were trying to race someone.
  9. geolewis


    A 90 vert sold at the labor day auction in Auburn Ind in #3 condition for $6,600. they also sold several Allante verts a 90 #4 $5,700 92 #3 $6,500 93 #3 $5,600 First time I have seen a Reatta in an auction Looks like the Reatta did better then the Cads
  10. geolewis


    Thank you I know it does not have the system I have had with later model Buicks.
  11. geolewis


    When I unlock or lock my Reatta with the remote are the lights supose to flash on & off? My don't, it would be nice if the did.
  12. Is anyone going to the Southeast Tour,Sept 25-28th? It will be in Belmont NC,going to Daimer Truck Assembly Plant,Carolina Aviation Museum,Steel Rubber,Memor Lane Museum,Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens & Shiele Museum & Planetarium.Lots of Food of course.Hope to see a few Reatta's there!! For information contact Brian DePouli at brian.depouli Hope to see you there! George Lewis 89 Red/Grey
  13. Thanks for the input! Had the trans flushed & replaced filter, Runs great now I am one happy camper.Did not want to put big bucks in the trany.
  14. Spent the weekend in the smoky mountains, my transmission seems to slip at times? At first I thought the engine was missing but thats not what is taking place. Its hard to describe just a shudder happens at just about any speed? I will take it to a shop im the AM. Any input Thanks