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  1. The rarest production car I ever saw was a pickup truck & it was just last month. The guy has a perfect original (looks like new) 1966 Chevy short bed pickup his father bought new because they needed a truck for the family farm. It was in PERFECT original condition with only 2973 miles. They bought it and never used it. I have seen many cars and trucks, I have also owned a few low production cars including the 47 Lincoln cont conv, 57 Ford 2 dr wagon and my 67 Mercury parklane conv that I own now. In my opinion a perfect original show room condition farm truck, that has been on a farm in a one car garage full of heavy farm equipment and oil cans since 1966 is much rarer they any restored car or truck regardless of production numbers. He is thinking of selling it but does not know the value or best way to sell it, any suggestions. I will open a new topic on this question.
  2. Does anyone know what this bumper goes to. It is for a larger car for sure. The ID badge in center looks like a C inside a C or G. thanks
  3. I showed up in a brand new 1977 pontiac trans-am 455 w/shaker hood and all. A guy where I worked lent me the car not knowing I was going for my road test and I took it anyway. I picked up my grandfather and went for the raod test but the guy would not let me take the test in that car. We went back and got grandma's 71 Malibu and passed the test. I told the T-A guy years later where I went with his car and he still got pissed off. OH WELL! That car was FAST
  4. 1952 Studebaker starlight coupe with drag racing history. Very solid straight running car that was drag raced in the 60's & 70's. It has small modifacations for racing and was a money winner back in the day. It was owned and raced by Pete Magal and he called it the Maggot. He drove the car on the road daily and raced it on weekends winning most races he ran in. They came in runner-up at the Indy Nationals in the early 70's. The car ran in the stock class. The car is in great solid straight shape, runs good and need only a header rebuilt to be road ready. I am wide open to realistic offers. call for more details Bob 716 298-1955 $7500 better pictures to come car is located in Niagara Falls NY 14304
  5. 1928 Willys Whippet sedan for sale with complete new interior. Car has a nice straight solid body needs paint. It will run but will need some work to do so. Good overall shape that has been sitting for many year. It is owned by a local interior shop who just completed the interior and top. This is a nice complete car that will need little to get it on the road. call for more details. Pictures are when we moved the car to interior shop. I'll post other pictures soon. $7000 or make a offer. Owner wants to sell so he is open to offers. Bob 716 298-1955 car is located in Niagara Falls NY 14304
  6. I am looking for a fender well mounted air breather for a 1947 lincoln V-12 engine. I need the complete unit. please call or email with what you have. Bob 716 298-1955. Not the type in the picture. I'll get a part number and post it.
  7. I have a complete solid straight west coast 1947 Lincoln contential coupe body for sale. There is no motor or trans, no dash, no brake drums, door buttons and other parts. It is a nice straight solid body, I have a pitted grill which is included. NOT THE ONE SHOWN. There is a small dent in rear roof and tail pan for tree limb. car does roll. no title. There are seats inside also. Call for detail or email. Bob 716 298-1955 $3000 or best offer. I can deliver for a fee. email for more pictures. car is located in Niagara Falls NY 14304
  9. There are a nice set of 1933 Buick headlights on ebay item # 171007254082, complete with lens
  11. Does anyone know what these headlights came off of??? They say Mulitbeam headlamp Guide Made in USA and have a "widows peak" on the top of the rim. They are marked left and right. Bakelite wire connetors & HD female mounting nut. Thanks
  12. Top of the frame behind the rear wheel kick-up, yes we looked there. The frame is very claen and we saw nothing there but may have not gone far enough. We'll look. Yes he plans on selling the car with the bad paint and yes there are idiots. Thanks I'll let you know.
  13. The paint shop lost the serial number ID vin tag off the door post tag on my buddies 55 buick century wagon and he needs to know where the number can be found on the frame. He was told to cut the tin over the frame in the back behind the wheels and it was stamped there but after cutting the metal he found nothing and has 2 nice holes that have to be fixed. So before he cuts anything else up I told him I would post a thread. He was told all kinds of differant areas but no luck. Does anyone know for sure and exactly where it is? He needs to find it so he can have it confirmed by the NYSDMV and a new documented vin tag made.