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  1. Here is another photo of the same car, plus a lighter copy of the first photo. Geoffrey
  2. Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate the help. I had wondered if it was a Chrysler or a De Soto, but couldn't find a good photo to confirm. Photo was actually taken in San Francisco, next to the old SF Main Library. The woman was a librarian who studied at UC Berkeley and I think she may have been on a field trip at the time.
  3. Taken in San Francisco in the 1920. Thanks! Geoffrey Skinner, Cataloger Sonoma County Library
  4. Hi, I need to ID the American sedan in this historical photo. Photo was taken in Berkeley, Calif. in 1948, but the car appears to be an older vintage. Thanks! Geoffrey Skinner, Cataloger Sonoma County Library Santa Rosa, Calif.
  5. That's great! Thanks for the ID. I wasn't familiar with the Overland. That helps me with a number of photographs in our collection that include this car. Geoffrey
  6. I am trying to identify this auto owned by a family in Petaluma, Calif. in the teens. I initially thought it was a Willys-Knight, but if the dates on the photos are accurate, it would have been produced prior to the Willys-Knight lines. I'd love some help on this one. Thanks! Geoffrey Skinner Cataloger, Sonoma County Library Santa Rosa, CA gskinner@sonoma.lib.ca.us
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