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  1. One of the headlights was replaced a few years back. Their was no problem then. And I also replaced one of the hi-beams in conjunction with replacing the dimmer switch, just recently. According to the auto parts stores Napa, Advance Auto parts here in Connecticut, they do list a headlight relay. I have done that disconnected one of the hi-beams and the rest of the lights, stayed on without incident. Then I went to the other hi-beam and again they didn't flash on and off. Connect them back up and they start to flash. My other question is how do I measure the total current in the headlight circuit when the hi-beams are on. I have a new multi-meter tester that I purchased thru Napa, and it's not cheap, but also not one those $3-$400.00 ones either. I am a novice when it comes to testing circuits. This only happens after the headlights and hi-beams are on for at least 15 minutes, before that there isn't a problem, so something is getting hot. Please respond! Appreciate it! Joe.
  2. Kaycee, the dimmer switch was already replaced. The reason I think it's the relay is because when I turn on the headlights and highbeams, the lights stay on for about 15 min. or so. Everything is fine. Then they start to blink on and off, so something is getting hot. Let me know what you come with! Appreciate it. Joe.
  3. From Advance Auto parts. I doubt the new switch is bad. You can get another switch for the Riviera, not an original AC Delco it's an aftermarket. I am inclined to believe that the problem is the relay. The problem is I don't know where it is located on the car. I can't find a schematic for it and no one seems to know where it is located, not even the service dept. at a Buick Dealer. Because the car is too old. Do you know where it is located on the car? Let me know! Appreciate it!
  4. Gorgeous looking car. Unfortunatley I don't have the cash to make you an offer, at this time. I really would like to buy one of those years 73-76 LeSabre or Centurion Convertible. You shouldn't have a problem selling that car at that price just looking at the pictures. I have owned 2 60's t-birds over the years, One convertible, the other a hardtop. I had to sell because of financial reasons.
  5. I need to know where the headlight relay is located on a 1985 Buick Riviera.
  6. Sorry if I sound dumb, but what is PM? Also my headlights still flash, even though I put in the new switch. It usually takes about 15 minutes or so before they start to flash on and off. Something is getting hot. When I first put the highbeams on, they wont go on and off. It usually takes about 15 minutes. What could it be?
  7. Do you have or know any-one that has the knob for the headlights for my 85 riviera? Actually I need the retaining clip that goes inside the knob, so that the knob stays on the stem that goes into the switch. I seemed to have lost that clip and with-out it the knob will not stay on the switch!
  8. Do you have the headlight knob, or rather the retaining clip that goes inside the knob, for that 85 riviera so the knob will stay on the stem. I seemed to have lost it and can find anyone that has it.
  9. Thank You so much Paul. Yea, it's not a problem removing the instrument panel cover, I've done it a dozen times, but I had no idea the circuit breaker was inside the switch it-self. I thought the circuit breaker was located some-where else under the instrument panel. Again Thank You so much! Even thought the Haynes manual is helpful, they still don't tell you everything!
  10. Thanks for getting back to me Rivieraman. This car does not have twilight sentinel. Thanks for offering to purchase another switch, I have a friend that owns an Auto Parts store. I will let you know in the future for any parts. Do you still own many of these cars listed here? I few years ago I had a 60 t-bird convertible that was in I would say a strong 3 condition almost a 2. I also had a 65 t-bird Hdtp, that was in a 2 condition. I also owned an 89 Pontiac Trans-am That I bought new, when I sold it, it had 40k. I've since sold these cars. I generally like all the American makes but I definitely lean more towards the GM brands.
  11. Hi Paul, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I replaced a headlight on this car, about 4 yrs. ago but I didn't have this problem then. I just installed a hi-beam headlight only because one of them, the lense was cracked! And of course the headlights still flashed on and off. When I shake it a little it sounds like the filament was broken, but the light was still working! So I changed it any way. But I only use the type off headlights, that originally came with the car sealed beam, Sylvania I think is the brand. My other question is where is the circuit breaker located on these cars? I looked on the fuse box under the dash, and couldn't locate it! It doesn't seem to be under the hood either! Please respond Thank You!!
  12. Does any-one know if there is a circuit breaker for the headlights/hi-beam on a 85 Buick Riviera? If so where is it located? If not is there a relay for the headlights/hi-beams? My headlights/hi-beams flash on and off after the headlights and hi/beams have been on after about 10 min. Now if just the headlights are on and Not the hi-beams, the headlights are ok, they won't flash. Please respond if you know what the problem is! joed59