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  1. I have a 1934 Packard windshield frame if you need one 860-250-9281
  2. jay 1966

    1934 packard

    Thank you for the information.
  3. jay 1966

    1934 packard

    Who or where is my best source to figure out my car's history. 1934 Packard 1108 seven passenger Four-door sedan?
  4. Thank you for the info working blindly underneath the engine bay didn't seem to be the easy way. With some head scratching I actually figured out what the issue was. While driving the car the other day half the motor died only running on six cylinders. Figured a condenser or coil died. Replace condensers no change. Quick assessment of points adjustment seemed okay. Now was thinking coil bad. Check bad coil spark seemed week. Further poking around remove top of coil reconnected wire problem went way. Removed rubber insulator from top of cap problem seems to be gone. Are these coil covers available new?
  5. Was wondering if it might be easier to move distributor for setting point any suggestions?
  6. Look what the cat dragged home today.
  7. Thank you Steve I missed the Connecticut show on Sunday had to fly out for work
  8. Driven about 30 miles not too bad for something that's been sitting for almost 60 years.
  9. After cleaning in repairing fuel tank yesterday. Could not resist a few trips around the block.
  10. The old girl runs again she will start and drive in and out of the garage which is easier than having to push her in and out of the garage. Still have to try to repair fuel tank and fix exhaust leak.
  11. I'm thinking of purchasing this model T can someone help me identify roughly what year. Is it a huckster or a hack? Thank you
  12. I live in Stafford Springs Connecticut. I was driving in town one weekend last summer and a local business owner had it out front for sale. Car has a lot of local history a farmer bought it new at an Oldsmobile dealership in town and has stayed here ever since. The original owner house is not far from where I live now. I'm not originally from Stafford Springs. I grew up in east Hartford Connecticut but could not pass up an opportunity to put this car back on the road. I'm currently not a member of any club but support and enjoy the AACA. I really like participating in the Connecticut show and really enjoy Hershey Pennsylvania in the fall.
  13. Put new tires on yesterday starting to make progress.
  14. I just answered my own question I didn't notice that it said F 29 above the serial number thank you