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  1. Hi all! Back in September, I purchased a clean 3 owner 1969 Buick LeSabre that hadn't been driven since 1995. Its a great running car and I try to drive it as often as I can, problem is it's rather expensive to run because I was told I have to use hi-test (93 octane) gas in it. It has a 350 with a 4bbl Rochester Quadrajet. I've been putting in some lead additive as well since it never has been converted. It takes 85 bucks to fill the tank typically and I was wondering if there was any cheaper way to fuel my car? Will typical 87 or 89 octane work in the engine or will it cause it to knock? Would it be cheaper to fill it with 87 and use an octane booster? Or am I just gonna have to keep putting in hi-test gas? I'm 17 years old so my budget is rather limited. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, So my 1963 Dodge 330, being the plain jane model of the lineup, originally came with no carpet and just had rubber floors instead. The original rubber mats were all dried up and were cracking in my hands so they will obviously need replaced. I really would like to keep the car stock as I can, do you know if there is anywhere I can get replacement rubber floors? Or are those all pretty much gone? thanks! -boris
  3. Hey everyone, I am looking to upgrade my '63 dodges Single Reservior brake cylinder to a Dual reservior unit for safety reasons as I plan to drive this car pretty much everyday. Does anyone know of any master cylinders from other cars that would fit my 63? Or if you can get a kit to install a new one? Thanks for your help! ~ Boris
  4. I am helping my moms boyfriend restore his 1976 Lincoln Mark IV. The vinyl roof is all cracked up and flaking off. This car was his dads car so he wants it to look brand new. He has replacement vinyl for the roof, but underneath the roof is a sound deadening(I guess to stop windnoise). Any idea where you can get sound deadening that has been pre-cut for the car? Originality is everything for this restoration. Thanks!
  5. Instead of getting a decently collectible car like a barracuda, you might wanna go for something less desirable, like a 4 door sedan, thats what I did.
  6. Hey guys! I recently bought a 1963 Dodge 330 4 door sedan that Im fixing up and making into a driver. One of the problems is that the seat covers in the front bench seat is split on the ends, Id assume just from old age. According to the fender tag it had a code 503 Tan interior. I would like to keep the car as original as possible and I was wondering if there is anywhere I can get reproduction seat covers for my car? Maybe some NOS ones if they're for sale somewhere? Any info you have would be much appreciated! Thanks! -Boris
  7. I just bought a 1963 Dodge 330 that was sitting outside for a while. In that time mold has grown on the door cards and bottoms of the seats. The actual upholstry is in great shape. How would you guys recommend I take off the mold without damaging the upholstrey? Thanks!
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