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  1. Hey Bill, You were correct... thanks.. Just looked at the back bulb and it was burnt out... do you happen to know where i can get a replacement bulb... Also im having a hard time getting the old bulb to come out... any ideas.. thanks again
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a little help. My left front/back turn signal lights up but doesn't flash? Any ideas ideas. The right turn signal works fine.. Thanks again
  3. Thank you everyone... yeah the leather is rotted out and the cluster frame is in pretty bad shape I will try to post a pic soon
  4. Hey everyone, Is anyone selling a black cluster cover? Thanks
  5. thanks... yeah i just removed the outer glass.. and its all fine.. thanks again
  6. Hey everyone, I finally got my soft top back. The thing is its in a million pieces... the top is on the frame but all the springs, cables, screws etc are all off the top. Any ideas on what yo do here. Its a real pain to have to remove the hardtop and put it back on... I'd really just like to purchase a soft top from someone on here. If anyone has one for sale please contact me. Thank you.. Brenden
  7. also i posted this thread for looking to purchase drivers side and Passenger Side Rear Convertible Top Covers is because i went back there the same day to pick up my car after he took out the soft top and they were all scratched up... huge dings and scratches to the metal... trust me i told them it wasn't ok but they said they would paint and polish them out... my mistake!!! As i was driving away i noticed my gas was on empty and when i drooped it off it had a quarter tank??? Why this happens i don't know... just a bad day... but please know my fiance and I appreciate all the help you guys give us... thnx agin
  8. Hey everyone, Pulled out the soft top for the first time the other day and the back window needed repaired.. found a shop on craigslist that seemed great.. this guy had a shop the whole nine yards.. he took my top out the other day and hasn't got back to me.. i went back to there place and its vacant... nobody there.. its like something you see on the news.. so i got screwed over.. wont return my calls or txt.. he took there ad off craigslist... so pissed.. I dont even know what to think.. just frustrating.. where i live people will take the any sort of metal and sell it for drugs or whatever.. so frustrating.. when i dropped it off he had a lot of other upholstery jobs he was working on ( so i didn't think anything bad) and now the place is vacant.. crazy.. well i guess my point is im looking for a black soft top to purchase... i know there heavy and shipping is a bit of a stretch but thats what i need... this is terrible... ive txt him and called him a bunch of times and even have a sales receipt for the work he was going to do... thnx again.. so i guess look maybe look out on ebay for a black soft top for sell... (cause its probably mine) thnx again
  9. Hey everone, Does anyone have drivers side and Passenger Side Rear Convertible Top Covers in "black" they are looking to sale? Thanks again
  10. I got the old weatherstripping off and it looks pretty simple (just slide the new weatherstripping in) well every time I try I get about 3 inches down the window and the metal strip on the weatherstripping starts to bend up.. then i have to take it off and re bend the metal strip.. thats as far as i can get on both windows.. the metal just keeps bending?
  11. thanks bob, I ordered some px8 4342250 Black Brush touch up off amazon.. thanks again!
  12. Thank you hemi dude for shipping out the wiring harness!
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