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  1. I'm 41 and recently purchased a 63. I also have a 40 Buick special and a 55 Chevy.
  2. I am helping my father-in-law with his Impala and we couldn't get the heat to work. We took the valve out and determined it was froze up. Can someone school me on how these work and recommend a place that rebuilds them. Thanks, Tim
  3. If you still need the "I" I have one. Let me know
  4. Looking for a 400 or a switch pitch trans for a nailhead to replace my Dynaflow. Would like something close to Illinois. Thanks, Tim 630-464-8432
  5. It's not in bad shape, it has had a repaint that is peeling off and some of the bodywork is popping but I will work on that as I go. I've always liked these cars and am glad to get the chance to own one.
  6. I just bought a 63 riviera and would like to put bags on it, so if you do switch to springs and want to sell the air ride let me know. Thanks, Tim
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