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  1. Work is coming along nicely on the Woodie, and I now need advice on the Maple plywood insert panels. I want to use new maple plywood and I need to know the correct thickness and where to buy the plywood. Also any advice on the proper types or grains of the plywood. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jim
  2. I'll take it if it is still available. Jim
  3. I e-mailed him last week and he replied promptly. Jim Stevenson
  4. Thanks for the great feedback Curt and John. It is very helpful. I now have hope that I can use the 190 sq.ft . of leather that came with the car in the places John outlined. I assume then that the rear of the front seat and the door panels excluding the rear door packets and armrests would be vinyl. Is this correct? Also would anyone happen to have photographs of a correct 35 or 36 Phaeton interior that they can share? I would like to get it done correctly. Thanks Jim
  5. I have recently purchased a 1936 Auburn 654 Phaeton that is about 65% restored to a high standard. All of the parts appear to be with the car, but of course I will find that out as I complete the car. It is painted Cigarette Cream, and is equipped with the dual ratio rear end. It has steel wheels but no sidemounts. I am hoping someone can answer some of my questions, I am sure there will be many. Are the headlights painted or chrome? What colour are the wheels painted and do they have any pinstriping? Their is no interior in the car as yet, but I have all the hard pieces but no fabric samp
  6. I saw this car for sale at Hershey. The owner said he had bought it recently at an estate sale in West Virginia I think. The car was seen running very well although the driver did not seem to know much about the car. Things I noticed were mismatched headlights with both being incorrect. the car was presented as a runabout but I think it was a touring car with the rear of the body cut off. it did not have a factory look on the rear. overall the car seemed to run well and I would rate it a number 4 car. I must admit I was surprised to see a 1911 F rankling in the car corral. Good luck with it
  7. Merry Christmas to all. We hope to see lots of our Franklin friends at the Franklin Meet in Mt. Dora. Jim and Nancy Stevenson and grandsons Patrick, Christopher and Nicholas
  8. I would like to upgrade my 1929 Series 13 coupe to a dual master cylinder setup. Does anyone have any experience with this or a suggestion on a good master cylinder unit to use ? Any suggestions would be appreciated, Jim
  9. Hi Mike; Further to our telephone conversation today, will you please give me the contact information for the Columbia rear end. Thanks Jim Stevenson Nova Scotia P.S. I saw the pictures of the Packard. I think I know whose car this is.
  10. My 1940 Ford Deluxe Woodie wagon is now ready for its finish paint. The car was originally Mandarin Maroon. Does anyone know of a modern color match or the correct formulation? Thanks Jim
  11. I've also got a 1929 Model 130 with louvres in the hood and the rectangular dash. I also note that your ignition switch is mounted in the wrong position. Originally the coil was mounted under the dash with the key mechanism on the end sticking thru the empty hole on your dash panel. The cigar lighter went in the hole now used for the ignition switch. Good luck. You have a great car. Jim
  12. I have one of these double sided signs hanging in my garage. It looks fabulous and gets as many comments as the cars. I agree with Gordon, hang it up over a Franklin
  13. Hi Dick; I will try and attach a couple of more pictures so you can see the color in a different light. I do not know what the color is called. Best Regards Dick.... I can not add more pictures on him so I will send them directly to you Jim
  14. A very Happy New Year to all our Franklin friends. Jim and Nancy
  15. Thanks Dick. I agree there can never be too many Franklins in the garage.
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