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  1. Hello Steve, with the way these LEDs are and as small as they make them these days, I have seen some very creative way to hide them, I am redoing mine to add more lights and make them brighter, when I did mine 4 years ago the LEDs were big so I had limited choices, but I have seen guys put a small strip of red LEDs right at the top of the rear window and you couldn't see them if you were looking for them when they are not on! Amazon has a ton of choices in small flexible light strips, I'm sure you will find something cool! Attached is 2 pics from a friends 73 BMW 2002, when they are off, you can hardly see them.. Brian
  2. Yes I need a overflow tank for sure, my car tends to mark its territory! Thanks Jim for the tip on the water! Brian
  3. Hello Jim, I have been fighting this for about 4 years now, since I've been actively driving it, I had a local radiator shop that's been around since the 60's build the radiator 3 core with my existing tanks, seemed OK, still hovered around 205 deg, so replaced t-stat, no change, hoses, no change, I then bought a fan clutch at Advanced Auto Parts, Chinese and with out the spring. I have since bought a new clutch through CARS at it is made in the USA with a spring, again helped a little but it is definitely working as I hear it roaring on load, but I am in agreement with you, I believe I need to get a 4 core High Efficiency radiator and be done with it so I can get back to enjoying a Rivi trip and I can stop smelling that wretched anti freeze! I HATE THAT SMELL!! Brian
  4. I had my upholstery shop cover mine, I didn't like the factory 2 tone blue with fabric seats mine had, and I always wanted a car with pearl white interior, (what was I thinking!) so for $200 he stripped the cracked top off, re-foamed and recovered it, 6 years later still looking good! Hind site, don't ever do a white dash top in the Florida sunshine!!! Brian
  5. Unless you're in your boxers, then just draw a picture! Brian
  6. Good luck tenugent, hope you can save that 425, HENS TEETH! My friend had an Olds 425 high compression block sleeved and welded at a shop that specialized in drag racing engines, he said they did this kind of work a lot, it took them a while to get it done, but he's been riding around with it for 5 years now with no issues, (knock on wood) and he even takes it down the track every once and a while! Brian
  7. Wow Tony, that is great news, I think I will be placing a call to US Radiators for a 4 core, mine is still heating up to 220deg over 45 MPH and then back down to 190 at a stop light, the exact opposite of any other old car I've ever had! Did you get the Standard Automotive core , or the High Efficiency core? I see there is an option on their website, not sure what the difference is, but with the 4 core High Efficiency it's $568.00 plus shipping, worth it if I can actually drive the Rivi more than 20 miles without stopping for 20 minutes!:mad: Brian
  8. Thanks Gseago, it is a true barn find, well a behind a barn find, I saw it and couldn't let it rot away, so I popped down $500 and took it out of the hole it was in, after a battery and hooking up a gas can she fired right up and I drove it to the backyard, after pulling the vinyl top off I have found some unwelcome rust, but thats all, everything else is solid. It's a high comperession 425 with 82,000 one owner miles, she a tank! Brian
  9. Yes, CARS at has them, [TABLE] <TBODY>[TR] [TD][TABLE] <TBODY>[TR] [TD=class: pageHeading]Gas Cap 1963-65 Buick Riviera [GC575-4][/TD] [TD=class: pageHeading] $9.00[/TD] [/TR] </TBODY>[/TABLE] [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Brian[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: main][TABLE=align: right] <TBODY>[TR] [TD=class: smallText] <NOSCRIPT></NOSCRIPT>[/TD] [/TR] </TBODY>[/TABLE] [/TD] [/TR] </TBODY>[/TABLE]
  10. The plate that holds the points on mine was worn down and did the same thing, I could not for the life of me find one, so I changed over to a Pertronics ignition, BIG difference in performance, just have to run a 12 volt wire from the ignition and you are good to go! Good luck, Brian
  11. I am thinking of having them rechromed and not repainting the black, I am wondering what they would look like all chrome? Anybody seen any road wheels all chrome? Brian
  12. Thanks Bob, wow, that is sweet, do you leave it under the hood all the time, or just shows? Brian
  13. Wow Rob, I think they look great, but mine are pretty bad, so anything would be an upgrade! How much did they charge to refinish and straighten? Thanks, Brian
  14. Well, unfortunately, you can't save them all, but at least it will be donating parts to keep others alive, kind of like an organ donor, and in some way still living on the roads! Good luck with the build of the 63 and post some pics. Brian