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  1. Ben, Thanks for the advice and encouragement. We are supposed to be getting warmer, but yesterday we too were in the 17C range. Been a very cool spring for us. I've got the carb apart and cleaned up. Need to make a few gaskets to put it back together. The cork float looks to be in good condition, but wondering if I should seal it with some of the gas tank sealer that I have. I pulled the vacuum tank apart and cleaned it up as well. It was not in too bad of shape, no gummy fuel residue, but a little rust. I bead blasted the inside of it and sealed it with fuel tank sealer. The carb ri
  2. I removed the carb, riser, and vacuum tank to take back to my place to be refurbished. Appears as though I have the 1920's version of EGR, the tube inside the riser has at least one very large rust through hole. The inside of the tube is thickly coated with a hard carbon material, I assume from years of exhaust mixing with the fuel/air. Once I get it cleaned up, will try to figure out how to fix. Was wondering if I made a solid plate to seal off where the riser attaches to the exhaust manifold at the top of the riser and plugged the tube that goes from the riser to the exhaust pipe effecti
  3. Larry, I did remember the issue you found with the brakes, so I took it very cautiously. Actually they seemed to work pretty well. Never got going very fast, but coming down that steep hill across from the entrance to Mom's driveway, I was able to get to a full stop pretty easily. However, assuming I get it going well enough to do some more spirited cruising, I'll keep the ability to get it stopped in my mind at all times. Thanks, John
  4. Thanks all for the advice and encouragement. Did not have much time on Sunday to do any troubleshooting. After disconnecting the fuel line to the top of the vacuum tank and pumping the primer bulb that Dad had installed (It got very rubbery once it warmed up a little and did seem like it was pumping as it should) I could not get any fuel from the tank. Perhaps it is just empty, or I have a plug somewhere in the system. I filled the vacuum tank with fresh fuel, left the line from the fuel tank disconnected and then could not get it to run without being extremely rich. Lots of black smoke,
  5. Decided to see if i could get the Buick to run today. It took a bit of grinding, but I got it to start. After several minutes of idling,thought I should go for a short drive. It was shorter than I planned. It quit about a quarter mile from home. Seemed like it ran out of fuel. Walked home, got some fuel and filled the vacuum tank. After that it would run, but very poorly. Seemed as though it was very rich and would not clear up. I managed to nurse it home and back into the shed. I think I need to pull the carburator and see if maybe the float is sticking or has a hole in it. Are ther
  6. Thanks to all for the input. The Buick (and the trucks) has had antifreeze in it for as long as dad has owned it. Not sure when it was last checked, but Dad was pretty good about making sure about making sure it was OK for cold weather since everything was stored in unheated sheds. I don't think the block is cracked, Dad likely would have said something if so. However, there is a spare engine (in parts) and transmission that are supposedly for the Buick, so even if there is some damage I may have the parts to fix it. Regards, John
  7. Fred, It is a 1927 Chevy. Dad also has a 1922 Model TT. Need to figure out what to do with these as well. Regards, John
  8. The car is located near Gettysburg, Pa. I however, live in Southern Maryland, about 2 1/2 hours away. Dad did not have any old car friends, he got into R/C model airplanes in a big way probably 20 years ago and really did not do much with the car other than driving it several times a year. It seemed like anytime he wanted to he could throw a battery in it, hit the starter and it would start without much effort. The engine ran very well. I think it has probably been about 18 months since he had it running. IIRC, he mentioned he was having trouble getting fuel to it. The car retains the o
  9. Hi, New to the AACA and the forums. I am trying to figure out what to do with my Dad's 25-45. He passed away last year. He has owned the car since the mid 1960's and restored it. It is in running condition, although he was tinkering with the fuel system because of some problem so getting it to run may take a little work. I am an amateur restorer, but my interest is in muscle cars and currently in a 68 vette. Not sure I have the time or interest in the Buick. If Mom decides to sell it, what would be a reasonable value? I don't have a picture right now, but I'll try to get and post some
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