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  1. I know there is one guy who lists a system on eBay all the time but with shipping it's close to $290. I was hoping not to spend that much. Last year at Carlise the one exhaust vender there didn't have a bend sheet for the 47. I'm going back to Carlisle in a few weeks and will check again. At least if he has it this year I won't have to pay shipping. Thanks guys.
  2. Hi Does anyone have,or know where I may obtain a bending diagram for an exhaust system for my 1947 Buick Special Series 40 Secanette? Thanks. Pete
  3. 2 (a pair)1951 Buick Roadmaster Series 70 NEW Rear Brake Drums. For 2 1/4" shoes. Brand new from Kanter Bros. in Boonton NJ. May fit other years and models, check to be sure. $99.00 each new. Originally $260 with shipping. 20 pounds each. Selling for $100 plus $30 shipping for both.
  4. I'm looking for a 263 manual crankshaft. Have one? Pete
  5. I'm still looking for a 263 straight 8 manual trans crankshaft for a 52 motor. There's got to be one out there sitting in someones garage just waiting to be sold. Or maybe some one knows where I may find one. Thanks again. Pete
  6. I need to swap cranks from an auto trans to manual trans. Thanks anyway.
  7. Looking for 263 St8 crankshaft for 1952 motor. Must come from manual transmission car. Pete
  8. Do you still have the engine? If so is it a 263? Is it from manual trans car. Looking for a 263 crankshaft from manual trans car. Pete
  9. Mike, Was this engine from a manual trans car or dynaflow trans car? I am actually looking for the crankshaft from the engine, if it is a manual trans. Do you have the bottom have the bottom of the engine? Pete
  10. I have decided to use the 52 engine with the 47 manual 3 speed and find/or have made the pilot bearing/bushing that will be needed - based on advice from some people who have already did this. My only concern is removing the harmonic balancer from the 52 motor to install the front motor mount bracket from the 47. I am assuming that the balancer will come off a lot easier then the one on the 47 did. The 47 had been sitting in the Minnesota weather for who knows how long. It took me about 8 hours on and off of pushing and pulling until finally it poppped off but by then it was totally deforme
  11. What if I replaced the 1947 motor and manual trans with the 1952 motor and auto trans. Do you know if they will fit? Will I need and modifications to drive shaft or motor mounts?
  12. Ben-if you remember, you gave me advice on which engines I can swap to. Thanks. Just one issue, I need to swap the front mount plate to the new engine but am not sure how to get balancer off to remove mounting plate. The balancer doesn't have holes that a balancer removal tool needs. My 42-47 manual doesn't give instructions on how to remove. I have removed the bolt, then threaded it back in a couple of threads and tried a hydraulic gear puller, with the center pin of the puller on the bolt and got it to move about 3/16" but it won't move anymore. Right now I have the hydraulic puller st
  13. The old motor needs a complete rebuild. I found one that doesn't need any work and I can just drop it in when I'm ready. I've been getting different information about which Buick engines will fit in my 47 Special. I was told this one would fit but I will need to switch the front mounting bracket from my old motor to the new motor and remove the side mounts from the new one. But to swap the front mount I need to remove the harmonic balancer from both motors to remove it and reinstall it. If your familiar with the balancer you know that there are no holes to screw a puller into, just the on
  14. Can anyone give me some advice on how to remove the harmonic balancer on my 1947 Buick straight 8. I need to remove the motor mount to swap to new engine. I'm swapping the original 1947 248 for a 1952 263. I was able to remove the bolt but stopped there and decided to get some advice first having never removed one before. Thanks Pete
  15. Thanks guys. My mounts for engine are in front. I'm located in Northeast PA in the Poconos. I promise you'll be seeing a lot of me here in the future. My last project was a 36 Dodge and this is my first Buick. Thanks again for the information.
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