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  1. On my way to the body shop tomorrow to take the interior out of the DL. Sometime before I bought the car in 1965, someone started to reupholster the car in black vinyl. They did the front seat, the passenger side door panels and the headliner. Ever seen a black vinyl headliner before? I haven't. I guess something happened and they quit, leaving me with a mish-mash of original cloth and cheap vinyl. It will be interesting to see if LeBaron Bonney or SMS have anything close to the original fabric. It's a tan broadcloth with very small, almost invisible, close spaced ribs. Interestingly,
  2. Thanks, Ian. I've been reading your restoration thread with interest. I wish I was as far along as you are. Most of the Midwestern U.S. is, indeed, in the middle of nowhere, which is why a lot of us live here.
  3. Once we arrived at the shop - too far back in the country for the semi to get to - we backed her into the shop and Ed, the body expert, and I took a close look at the car. Aside from the aforementioned problems a few other areas that will need work reared their ugly heads. Mice had gotten in under the passenger side door sills and had eaten away a lot of the metal. this hole shows the worst of it, but the whole strip from cowl to the fender will need to be replaced. Not the kind of news I wanted to hear. Although the car was high and dry for 45 years, the mouse urine did a n
  4. Daphne arrived in central Missouri yesterday, overshooting her eventual home in Illinois in order to get her to the body/sheetmetal shop where her fenders and other assorted damage will be addressed. Passport Transport did a nice job getting her there in one piece. She shared space with a Ferrari, a Tesla, a 427 Corvette and a Porsche. Slumming to say the least. We got her off loaded, onto the trailer and off to the restoration shop.
  5. Last month I traveled from Southern Illinois to Connecticut to get my first look at Daphne after 45 years. Phil Kennedy (the current editor of the Dodge Brothers Club magazine) had sent me pictures, so I was prepared. I didn't think she'd look like she had in 1967, but it was still something of a shock as I still remembered her as she was all those years ago. She'd been sitting up on blocks in the same garage since 1970, most of the time sharing the space with Phil's grandmother's DeSoto Hemi. After Phil sold the DeSoto, Daphne shared the garage with Daisy, Phil's "new" 32 DL. This is
  6. This is the story of Daphne, the Black Daliha, my once and future 1932 Dodge DL sedan. Warning: this is a story of lust, loss of innocence, betrayal and redemption. Read at your own risk. It was 1965. I was a sophomore at Syracuse university. Life was good. Vietnam was just a distant dark cloud on the horizon. I had everything - except a car. I'd just joined Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. All the cool guys in the frat owned cars. I wanted to be a cool guy. I lusted after a set of wheels. But not the wheels the other brothers were driving; not an MGA, or a new Chevy convertible, or a 58 Co
  7. <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="http://pix04.revsci.net/F08747/b3/0/3/1204111/488125396.js?D=DM_LOC%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fforums.aaca.org%252Fnewreply.php%253Fdo%253Dpostreply%2526t%253D347673%2526_rsiL%253D0%26DM_REF%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fforums.aaca.org%252Ff190%252Fchrysler-1929-serie-75-wood-floor-347673.html%26DM_EOM%3D1&C=F08747"></script><iframe style="top: -9999em; width: 10px; height: 10px; position: absolute;" id="twttrHubFrameSecure" tabIndex="0" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets/hub.html" frameBorder="0" allowTransparency="true" na
  8. For floorboards I'd use marine plywood. Sills should be oak or ash, but it's not necessary for floorboards. My 32 Dodge has the original plywood floorboards and they've held up pretty well. I'm lucky, though, as the rest of the body is all steel. The only wood is the floorboards, some small pieces to nail interior trim to and the top. The 29 Plymouth was a complete wood framwork with the sheet metal nailed over it. A real pain to restore!
  9. I would stay away from Poplar. As an example check the hardness rating for the following woods. White Oak 1360 Ash 1320 Red Oak 1260 Pine 690 Poplar 540 Poplar is easy to work but does not have the strength for auto body applications. Notice that Ash is slightly softer than White Oak, but Ash is often recommeded due to it's superior flexibility - it can bend better without breaking, yet is still very hard and durable. You won't go wrong with White Oak or Ash.
  10. If you use oak, make sure it is White Oak not Red Oak. White oak is harder, more durable and in similar environments, White Oak resists buckling, bending and warping better than Red Oak. And use marine plywood on the floors as it's designed to resist moisture.
  11. Ash is the best. I used it on a 1929 Plymouth restoration with very good results. it's a hard wood and not all that easy to work, but its durable and flexible. Make sure you screw the new wood framwork together as it was originally done. The structure has to have some flex. A buddy of mine glued everything up tight as a drum on his roadster and the wood started cracking after a few years due to vibration that had no where to go. If you replicate the factory method you'll have the best results.
  12. <quickprintreadystate style="display: none;"></quickprintreadystate>I don't know about experts, but there are enough of us around to correct someone who makes a major error - which I seem to do on a regular basis.. It's a 1 to 5 system, with 1 being a show car and 5 being a vehicle that needs a total restoration. Based on the seller's description, his Dodge sounds like about a 4 minus. I agree with keiser31, I sure would like to see some pictures. It sounds like the car is rotting away, but I doubt if it will be sold with that kind of price tag.
  13. And if you don't want the Dodge, he has a 50s Pontiac in similar condition for the same price. Sorry, no pictures.
  14. Yes, he does have a lot of gall asking $18,500 for what sounds like a number 4-5 car. And only you, Phil, could come up with something that obscure!
  15. I had to laugh when I saw this. I mean, I love DBs and want to save all of them, but I'm afraid this guy has a slightly inflated sense of what they are worth. A sedan - and no pictures. Dodge : Other None in Dodge | eBay Motors
  16. That shortcut doesn't work and I can't find them on a Google search. Where are they located?
  17. Well, I just heard from West Petersen that Jere Verdones died several years ago. The website is still up and an answering machine is still picking up calls, so I was surprised to hear that news. Has anyone used a small scale casting service that they were happy with? I need to cast a rear tail light stand and the decorative chrome piece on the cowl between the two vents on my 1932 Dodge DL sedan. I have both parts and can build them up to make nice patterns. I'm in the St. Louis, Missouri area, but anyone who is good will do, no matter where they are.
  18. I'm very sorry to hear that. The website is still up, so I assumed they were still doing business. Thanks.
  19. I've been trying to get in touch with these folks for the last two weeks. No response to my phone messages or emails. Verdones Stainless Castings Jere and Marge Verdone 31 Stricklerstown Loop Rd. Newmanstown, PA 17073. Does anyone know if they are still in business? thanks, RT
  20. I've been trying to contact these folks for the last two weeks. No response to my phone messages or emails. Does anyone know if they are still in business? Verdones Stainless Castings Jere and Marge Verdone 31 Stricklerstown Loop Rd. Newmanstown, PA 17073. Thanks, RT
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