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  1. Drove to Thomas Restorations in Columbia, Missouri to pick up a load of sheet metal. This was sitting in the shop as I walked in. It's not a Dodge, but it sure is nice - all original except for paint, although the jams and engine compartment are original finish and it's hard to tell the difference. It's getting a new manifold - a rare item since it's a flathead six rather than a V-8. My running boards are finished and they look great! Old vs new. Really nice workmanship on Ed's part. Some of the laser cut parts that went into the construction. The new boards
  2. I hope everything is okay. Not to sound crass, but I'm glad I bit the bullet and bought mine last month.
  3. Nothing very exciting going on at the moment. The bottom of the front seat was in pretty bad shape, with the wood dried out and rather brittle and an area that was badly singed by the heat of the muffler. So, the old woodworking skills were put to the test. It turned out to be a simple job, with all the corner joints simple half laps and a mortise and tenon set up on the cross piece. This shows two corners glued and the center piece just sitting on top. I just need to remember to put the center piece in before I glue the other two corners! I used oak. I was surprised at how crude the workm
  4. It's slightly different on the 32, but very close. The repo trim I purchased comes with clips that mount the front trim piece using the slots you can see in your photos.
  5. I think the price is top dollar for that car, but I do agree the coupes are one sharp looking automobile. I am a Dodge guy and watch EBay all the time. The prices for these coupes seem to range between 18 and 35 grand (American dollars) depending on condition and location. If you're in for the long haul and enjoy working on your car as well as driving it, you may want to just spring for it and enjoy the ride. I found my first car (the actual car) after 43 years and bought it back. By the time it's restored, I'll have more in it than it will ever be worth, but I don't care - I'm enjoying e
  6. My restoration of Daphne has suddenly gone high tech! I just got these photos from my metal guy Ed Thomas as he and a friend figured out how to make the running broads for the old DL. They were originally made from one piece of metal folded multiple times into the running board. Ed discovered this was no easy task to reproduce. He went over to his buddy Jimmy Hervatin's shop in Warrenton, Missouri and they hauled out the CNC equipment and ended up making custom designed brakes to form the boards. Here's Jimmy at the computer getting things set up to make the end pieces. Here's the laser
  7. Not in love with the color or the upholstery, but a nice car. It will be interesting to see if it sells and for what price.
  8. It appears the repo inner pieces lack the slight ridge visible on your original part. That is a bit disappointing.
  9. The originals on my car were long gone - replaced by simple square aluminum pieces - so I can't compare thickness of the original. These are quite substantial, I must say.
  10. The photos are less than perfect, but I didn't want to completely unwrap them until I was ready to use them. You get all four pieces for each running board. This is the outer trim and seems to match what I've seen on the original cars. This is the inner piece, a simpler shape that also appears accurate. I didn't shoot the end pieces. Everything came well packaged in a PVC plastic tube with wooden ends screwed in place. The parts will need some polishing, but I'm very satisfied with the purchase.
  11. I bought a set for my 32 Dodge DL. Arrived within a week of my order and they look good. I just bought them on March 2 of this year, left a message at the number you listed and he returned my call within a day or two. Maybe he's on vacation or out of town at the moment.
  12. Maybe, but I bet he puts the same price up if he relists it.
  13. Looks like a spring cover, leather or canvas wrapped around the spring to hold lube and keep dirt out. Nice car, but unrealistically priced. A nice 24 DB roadster just sold on the Bay for $9,000. The touring needed more work. There was nice touring -restored - in the Dodge Brothers Club magazine want ads for $12,500. This car is worth around ten grand at best.
  14. Okay, I surrender. I agree with ever post above, no matter what was said, and will never complain again. Must be the cold weather that's turning me into an old grump. Sorry, I have to leave my computer now and chase those neighbor kids off my front lawn, the little...
  15. Thanks for the kind post, Rusty. I guess you believe every car dealer is a crook, every businessman a cheat, every restoration shop an overpriced scam and every filmmaker produces nothing but fake garbage. We recently returned from Africa after a six week shoot documenting the devastation of AIDS on the continent. I'm very proud of the work we did there. I'm also proud of the work I did on the PBS Nova series, including a two hour show on building the first cable suspension bridge across the Mississippi. I filmed scenes in a steel shaft eighty feet down in the river and shot from the top
  16. I agree, but Leno is a lot funnier than Rawlings and his honest love for cars comes through in every frame. I guess we all should be happy Discovery/Velocity is around so we can get our fix of car talk. It's just that this episode was so outrageously fake it set my teeth on edge. One man's opinion, that's all. I have been doing a detailed video of the restoration of my 32 Dodge DL. Nothing dramatic, except possibly my expression when the latest bill arrives. I plan to show the process, warts and all -costs, setbacks, success, and, hopefully, the finished car. It will be interesting to se
  17. Don't get me wrong, I was interested to see if they could update the 71 with a modern Chrysler drivetrain. But then they proceeded to do exactly the opposite and drop the engine in around common aftermarket parts. The show would have been just as entertaining without all the fake "moments." Chasing Classic Cars is much more enjoyable and you get to see some really interesting cars. I guess my idea of entertainment is different from others, and that's fine - you only have to turn the channel to make your opinion known. "Nobody in their right mind would watch the actual real life, day to day
  18. Okay, since I am in the business as a professional video director/writer/cameraman, I don't want this to come off as sour grapes. I am not naive enough to believe we never compress time, fudge a few facts or put things out of order to make things more watchable and dramatic, but the opening episode of Fast and Loud this season left me with my jaw dropped to the floor. While there is obviously a lot of phony bluster and BS on this show, it's usually somewhat watchable, but in this opening episode we are asked to believe the following... Richard Rawlings just happens to attend an auction and j
  19. I owned an old Norton motorcycle years ago, and as my rapidly fading memory struggles I think I did buy a set of Whitworth wrenches for it at the time. These must be what's left of that purchase.
  20. I was going through some of my late father's stuff the other day and discovered a box of old tools. I suspect some of these are from the days of his youth when he and his brothers owned a 23 Model T touring. The Taylor Boys - Tom, Dick (my dad) and Harry, along with older brother Don and my mother's brother Bill, once drove that old Ford around the boarders of Michigan - from Detroit, across the southern boarder, around the Lakes, the UP and back down to Detroit. That would have been around 1934, when my dad was 14, and he did much of the driving! What a summer that must have been. He sai
  21. The engine paint on my 32 DL was a gray-green also. There was a nice sample on the top of the bellhousing that escaped the elements and the sun. It looks close to your color, maybe not quite as green, but it's hard to tell from photographs as the color temperature of the light can cause the photo to be off-color. Did you have your engine paint mixed, or was it from a rattle can? Either way, it looks great. I'm just getting ready to clean and paint my engine and I hope it turns out half as good!
  22. I'd say with over 11 thousand views lots of us are following your thread, Barry. I know I am and learn something new every time. Sometimes I hesitate to respond because simply saying "thanks" over and over again seems a bit lame. I find this and your other assembly threads both fascinating and informative, even if my project is a lowly 32 Dodge, I get lots of useful information. RT
  23. 16 thousand. Of course, I see these "sold" cars come back up for auction again very often, so who knows for sure.
  24. For those in the dark about 32bizcoupe's post above, I have managed to misplace the shock plates off my DL. how the heck I could lose something that big and heavy is beyond me, but I've been searching for the last week, laying out all the frame parts that still need to be restored, and they have not shown up. Since they are flat 11 gauge steel they will be easy to make and 32bizcoupe kindly provided a photo and dimensions after I sent him a PM. I'm sure as soon as I finish making them, the originals will turn up - as they always seem to in situations like this. This all coincided with an em
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