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  1. I have these on my 32 Dodge Brothers DL. I posted the disassembly process on my thread in the Dodge Brothers Forum. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.
  2. My dad always had the dealership paint the visible outer rim red on his Buick’s all through the fifties. He was a GM exec and got a new Buick every year from 1954 to 1959. Then he got high enough to get a Cadillac every year as his company car. I vividly remember riding around town in the monster 59 Caddy he drove.
  3. Matt, I agree your roadster is a great looking car. I have always liked early thirties Chrysler Corporation styling - with the possible exception of the thin radiator shells at the turn of the decade. Even my pedestrian 32 Dodge Brothers DL sedan draws appreciative comments, and I’m often asked how much I chopped the top. Most folks are amazed when they discover it’s dead stock. It’s also hard to beat the front styling on a 32 DeSoto. Two things are preventing me from rushing to Cleveland to buy your roadster - the lack of having seventy-five large readily availible, and the color. I jus
  4. Were they using up surplus 32 bodies for this series. That sedan really looks like my DL, minus the different bumpers.
  5. I still have my 1932 Dodge Brothers DL sedan that I bought in 1965. I sold it and then bought it back. Selling it was the worst move I ever made. Buying it back was the best move.
  6. I have tried to explain the Floating Power system to Sactownog several times in the past. I must be doing a bad job, as it doesn’t seem to be getting through. This system makes it difficult to install a different transmission due to the design of the motor/transmission mounts. The car already has a non-original, later engine, so originality isn’t an issue. If you get by the mounting problem, you may find the the design of the X-frame may not give you enough room for the much longer overdrive unit. Anyway you cut it, this isn’t a drop in swap. You will have to remove the motor and trans,
  7. I bought a set of bumpers for my 32 Dodge Brothers from him five years ago. He was quite a guy, a bit eccentric, but very nice. He threw in 3 hubcaps for free when we made the deal. I hope he gets some help.
  8. If you’re using 85W-140 in your crankcase, you have a problem.
  9. While certainly not anywhere near the quality or rarity of most of the cars on this thread, my 1932 Dodge Brothers DL sedan has a rather interesting story in the "where did they go" category. In 1965, I bought this car while a sophomore at Syracuse University. The picture below is the day I purchased it. It was owned by one of the professors at the school and came out of Maryland. Back then it was just an old car, 33 years old, but even then, prewar cars were a bit unusual and it always attracted a certain amount of attention around the campus. I always thought it
  10. I grew up in Detroit. I last visited the city in 2014 for the Dodge Brothers Club Centennial Meet. I doubt if I will ever go back. I know why your wife was crying. Everything I knew and loved in the city was disintegrating or gone. Urban blight was just a few blocks away from my maternal grandfather's wonderful Tudor-styled home, built in 1927. My dad was an executive with General Motors, working his way up from claims adjuster for the old Motors Insurance Corporation to regional vice president at GMAC. When we went to look at our first house (1950) it was a gutted, collapsing shell in
  11. Electric cars for everybody simply asks the question - are there enough natural resources to sustain such a thing. Currently, no. Lithium supplies, energy grid output and other factors will be a problem. As it usually does, civilization will solve the problems in unexpected and sometimes disturbing ways. Travel bans, edicts making people work out of their homes, restricting households to a finite number of jobs - many such unpleasant things may be coming down the road (or whatever travel means may be in effect at the time.) I'll be long gone and won't have to worry about it. When I gradu
  12. What type of sewing machine are you using to do the top?
  13. Good news. I assume your engine has the screw off cover (like a large domed acorn nut) that gives access to the relief valve. Did yours have a gasket? If not, did you get any leakage around the cover when you had the higher oil pressure. My car has the same problem and I got some noticeable leakage from the cover when I first started her up.
  14. I’m organizing my remaining parts for final assembly this Spring. My wife and I gathered everything, boxed and labeled each part down to the last nut and bolt. We are about 2/3 of the way through and should finish up this coming week. I’m worried about several parts that don’t seem to be turning up so I’m asking in advance in case anyone can help me out. I’m missing one door latch striker and one of the headlight sockets for a headlight. This is the socket that plugs into the bottom of the headlight from the outside with the flexible wire conduit attached. l’ll post photos and dimensions
  15. Unfortunately it all started with American Chopper, which began as a show about a small motorcycle shop building custom rides, but quickly evolved into a soap opera with father and son screaming at each other for an hour. The network quickly took notice of the show’s popularity and determined that the viewing audience wanted angst and hyper personalities over motorcycle building. For years this conflict/aggression/soap opera approach dominated car and bike shows, and still rears it’s ugly head at times today. CCC and Bitchn’ Rides have toned down the format, but the shows still use more gi
  16. Oh, and thanks everyone for the help and generous offers.
  17. Well, problem solved. As usual, my wife said, "Let me see that!" after listening to me grouse about the problem for an hour. She carefully unwound the wire (individual strands, not solid) and discovered the tip was actually a domed tack similar to the one in frank29u's photo. We still couldn't get the wires off the tack, but we could see the ends did not extend into the dome. So, they weren't molded in. I took the tack out to the garage, clamped it in the vise, hit it with a less than one second blast from my MAP torch and the wires just fell away. So, I'm thinking the pointed end of the
  18. Hmmm, looks like they changed things by 32. No copper tube on my setup. Since the wires run through the springs on my socket, I would be worried if there was no insulation right up to the contact end. I'm thinking of making a reverse mold in hi-temp silicon, chopping up some electrical solder into tiny pieces and putting it into the depression, heating it up with a torch and dipping the end of the wire into the solder.
  19. Just the next time you get to the shop would be fine. If he's still around it would save me some time.
  20. No, we made the car noises at the upholstery shop. On the wiring, I wonder if they had a small mold they poured the hot solder in and then dipped the exposed wire into it while it was still liquid. There must have been a simple and quick way to produce these things at the factory.
  21. Then maybe the wiring was original. I guess it must have mummified into what made me think it was plastic. So, now what?
  22. As I said earlier I picked up my front seat from the upholstery shop. Looks good. The new wood base I made fits perfectly which was a relief. It was hard to get a straight on shot due to current storage in my living room corner and the parallax makes the top buttons look crooked - which they are not. I'm working on my headlight wiring which was in rough shape. This is the wiring section inside the headlight itself. The socket on the left is for the bulb, the one on the right fits into a receptacle in the headlight shell and connects to the wire that goes through a
  23. A really cool and interesting car. My only problem, and I say this with disappointment because this is a lovely car, is the seventies paint job. Who, why and when did restorers decide that beige bodies with chocolate fenders was the way to go? It’s not even mildly charming, like the old avocado green kitchen appliances - and that was the original color. I’m not sure what the original color/colors were on this car, but it had to be more attractive than the current paint job. Again, not denigrating the car, just someone’s past mistake in choosing those awful colors.
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