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  1. You can also check with Tim at RiviCentral. I have always had good results working with Tim and if anyone has a good used original it will be RiviCentral. https://rivicentral.com/
  2. I just completed this replacement about a month ago and my words of warning are to take RivNut's words to heart. "THIS IS DEFINITELY A PRESS FIT". I attempted to gently tap the chrome trim back onto the window and succeeded only in shattering my window. Luckily for me I have a local source for parts so a new window wasn't far away but I wouldn't recommend tapping on anything.
  3. Have you checked with Tim at RiviCentral? Tim is located just outside Sacramento CA. Not as close as Gene but not PA either. Www.rivicentral.com
  4. Here's my 65 with her original wire wheel covers.
  5. Get in contact with Tim Sweeley at www.rivicentral.com Tim is located in Sacramento, CA and typically has what folks are looking for.
  6. If you haven't already, check with Tim at www.rivicentral.com Tim's got tons of stuff or might know of someone as well.
  7. I've traded emails with these fine folks already and they are making both the 63-64 "built expressly for" and the 65 "custom built for" versions
  8. Thank you all for the replies. Knew I could count on you. Yes, it is the chrome trim piece that I need to attach to the rear quarter window. I have new rubbers already fit to the chrome trim. Just tired of the chrome pieces popping off if i try to roll the window down. :-)
  9. I know this has been discussed on here before and did search but can not find the topics. What is the best way (proper way) to secure the trim piece to the leading edge of the rear side window?
  10. Dang, not one response. I was hoping someone would reply back to this because I just got my new kick panels from Clark's today and wanted to know the exact same thing.
  11. I just replaced my dark green carpet in my 65 with Clark's cut/sewn and love it. Definitely agree to get samples first as I will now be replacing the carpet on my door panels and kick plates as well. Luckily Clark's includes enough extra with their cut/sewn package to do just that. Previous owner had put down a molded dark green loop that was definitely a different shade so redoing it all.
  12. You can also check with Tim Sweeley at Rivi Central. He's here in Sacramento. He has tons of parts available and ships pretty much anywhere. Check him out at www.rivicentral.com
  13. Talljohn, Spoke to Bruce this morning. Nice guy. $75 per panel with my carpeting and I'll be good to go. Thanks for the info. Said it's a small job so he'll need to work it in between his larger projects but I'm in no rush so it's all good. Says he remembers your seats because, and I quote... "those first gen riviera seats are a PITA to work on.
  14. If I was starting from scratch I would definitely go to Clark's. My door panels were completely redone right before I purchased the car about 5 years ago. Problem is that I replaced all of my carpeting (heater core failure) with cut & sewn from Clark's so now the carpeting on the lower half of the door panels does not match with what I just installed. It's a different shade of green and is a shorter loop. Clark's cut & sewn included extra carpeting for kick plates and door panels so I have what I need, just need a shop to take all the stitching out of the existing door panels, remove the existing carpet, and replace with my Clark's cut & sewn so they all matchy matchy. Still need to order my kick plates from Clark's as well but that's next month. :-)
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