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  1.  My Woodie's outside,covered with Snow.....Colorado Transplant...
  2. Here is a photo of my 46 Woodie back in 1970....I really shouldn't tell you how much I paid for it...But I will...$300.00 Bucks....It had an 8BA flathead the ran like a top...Second,but no third seat...I drove it to pickup my Girl Friend,now wife,and had to leave it running in the driveway in front of the house..It was the "Meet the Parents" date...She was running a little late and I knew I would come out to a steaming radiator...We finally came outside..I wondered what my future mother in law thought when she saw my Pride N Joy idling in the driveway.."Can't you shut it off??"..I told her "Ya
  3. When out driving,to the market,Sunday drive,or anywhere...Our family plays the game "Spot the Woodie Car"...We saw the idea in Woodie Times awhile back...We play you get 5 points for a car with vinyl wood grain,100 points for a real Woodie...Last Saturday she ( Jacque ,my wife) had 10 points going ,,when I spotted this in San Clemente......
  4. I'm on vacation at the moment..When I get back ill look up what I have ..but I think I have a print out of the parts and numbers...Carl!
  5. Here is a photo of a friend I went all through school with..This photo was taken I believe in 1963..It was cool in California to have a Woodie to throw the boards in back and head for the Beach..Gary said he used up a case of sand paper,and countless gallons of paint stripper....He said he wished he still had it now...I had a 39 Ford at the same time...I often wonder if I'm walking right past some of the cars we all owned in Highschool at Wavecrest each year...We sold them too cheap,and too soon...Oh Well..Carl
  6. Hey Mike.....Where is that taken ????
  7. Thought this would be fun to see.....AND NO it's not Lake Michigan .... "Old Man's Beach" just south of where 164 Woodies got together for Doheny Wood.. A little cool, but great turn out...Thanks to all for your hard work...
  8. Ok here it goes.....A friend has a 40 Station Wagon...needs to see a photo of the " Middle Seat Grab Handle"...OR maybe you have one at a reasonable priced on one for sale......thanks Guys
  9. Is the rubber insert included too or is it available from somewhere else? A friend has a 40 and those would work great....
  10. The 1920 Depot Hack has been sold ...Bittersweet,,but only room for one old car in the Barn....Thanks everyone for looking...Spank
  11. Thought I'd pass this along...Not sure where or when but its cool.....
  12. Well ,,here is another shot from the party at the Parsons' Cabin last June....
  13. A "Row of Woodies"all parked at Taco Night on the Friday night before Woodies on the Lake Show...Always a fun evening for all attending.....The Parsons' are Great Hosts...
  14. Yuuuppp.....That was Sunday the 20th....We had our share two weeks ago 5"to 7"s of the white stuff,and 15 degrees....Sometimes we get 2to3 feet.....February/March..The photo is looking up our street ...Carl
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