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  1. I got the engine turning and shortly afterwards with some fuel and spark and air, it started and ran on it's own. It was smokey as it cleared itself out but was incredibly smooth. Now I see what hoses it needs and all the little fixes to get it to be drive-able.
  2. Just a quick note to anyone following this thread. The engine now turns freely and is only some minor assembly and some fuel away from running. I have a video of the engine turning over taken through the intake slots if anyone wants to see it. I'm not sure how to post it here.
  3. Hi. Engine pics are further up the post. I have not tried to turn it over yet. I have to take off the intake and exhaust to properly lubricate the sleeves before I try to turn it over.
  4. Here are some better pictures of the car now I have moved it. It rolls freely. The brakes work very well. The tires hold air and were not even fully flat in the barn. The paint is good where it is good, but flaking on the cowl, rear fenders and some areas of the body. The top is ragged as is the leather but the wood everywhere is excellent. It is very complete.
  5. 58L-Y8 Thank you for the info about the Stearns Knight. What do you need to know about it to give me very specific information. Does it have a VIN Somewhere. . I think these are very rare. Thank you.
  6. I have not moved it so I do not know, but it drove into where it is currently 10 years ago and it has oil in it. I do not want to damage it by attempting to turn it over yet. There is no reason why it should be free, other cars and planes in the same barn are all dusty and dry and nothing is seized.
  7. I have this Stearns Knight Militare for sale on this site. It has the big six cylinder sleeve valve engine in it. It is in storage and is original.
  8. Does anyone know where I can find a Cranking handle for the front of a 1920's Stearns Knight Militare with the big six cylinder sleeve valve engine in it?
  9. Early twenties Stearns Knight Militare six cylinder sleeve valve open touring five seater car. This is literally a barn find. It has not run since 2010. It is complete and original. No rust, no rot. Dry, dusty and cobwebs all over it, but a totally complete car for an easy restoration. Located in a dry concrete floored, steel barn in Northern California. $35,000.
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