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  1. Man oh man, that is one sharp machine. I couldn't love a color scheme more than the one you chose! Beautiful!!
  2. Well, the casting cracked while I was knocking the pin out :mad: I'll be trolling ebay for another master cylinder unless someone has another idea for me. Might be a good thing though because I wasn't hitting it very hard at all, I get the sneaking suspicion it was already weak/cracked prior to my hammering.
  3. Wonderful! Thank you so much!! I didn't want to go banging on the thing if threads were involved. Thanks Tom.
  4. Howdy folks! I've been searching around here and VCCA with no luck finding tips on this. I have the master cylinder out of the car, but I cannot figure out how to remove the shaft that the brake pedal pivots on. It's a manual, so the clutch pedal slipped off after pulling the lock ring with no troubles, but it looks like that shaft is held in by a small ~3/16" pin. Do I just need to PB blast it and hammer it out, or is it a screw of some kind? The top side is flush with the cylinder casting, but the bottom is recessed a bit and I can't tell if there's a slot or anything to unscrew it, even after cleaning. Thanks in advance!
  5. Looks real slick, Billy! I look forward to having the space to pull my whole 39 Chevy apart sometime down the road. For now, I'm just tickled pink to have a little garage and a beautiful original machine that will soon be road worthy! Did you prime the various body panels--fenders, hood, etc--yourself? What kind of primer/delivery system did you use? My nieces were both born over a month premature; they're 3 and 6 now and both absolute spitfires! -Blake
  6. Good lookin' car! The interior is remarkable. I'll be following this one. Good luck with those engine mounts
  7. Pat, every time I'm at a hard spot or feel overwhelmed, I'm going to look at this page. I'm just starting my '39 Master DeLuxe 4dr and I want to take my time and do it the right way--that is to say, LIKE YOU! I really appreciate your fastidious documentation and the rich history behind your Chevy. The picture your daughter made for you brought tears to my eyes. You've got a fan in South Carolina, for sure! Keep it up! -Blake
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