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  1. Marty thanks for the beautiful and great reference phtos and all your fisrt hand input with the brakes, suspension and driving experience. Last night I learned the 56s has paint code 350 which equals Black w/cream stripe, and car is all dark green.Also the interior is a beige mohair with a plain pattern and although the color maybe close to Trim # 200 (plush taupe) I don't know what the material should be and the pattern does'nt have the seam cross the middle like your front seat does.The car is not cheap and wondered if the paint and interior would affect the value much . I wasn't able to att
  2. Hi Mark, BCA and BCA pre war sounds good , is it one membership, are there regional chapters near new york city or long Island ny. email: joefloriomail@yahoo.com Thanks, Joe
  3. Sean thanks for eng.# locaton,will contact owner soon and keep you posted. Do you know if the up draft carb is correct for this car. Joe
  4. Hi Marty,beautiful collection you have.I'm hoping to make the deal on the '35 56s but don't own it yet.Great to hear first hand about the positive driving ability of the 34/35 50 series.Driving these old cars is the key for me and if they're capable of 55-60 mph for highway use is perfect for me.About 25 years ago I owned a 1935 chevy 2 door master sedan and was able to maintain 55mph so I assumed the buick could do that and maybe more if the gearing would allow. Currently I drive my 1940 ford standard coupe often on the highway at 60-65 mph everytime.I love the look of the early to mid thirty
  5. Sean , thanks for the fast and incredibly detailed spot on info.I'll check what paint # is on the car and see if the color from the list matches what's on the car. Also I'll check the engine serial # on the (block ?) against the 1935 50 series range you gave me. Thanks Again, Joe
  6. Hello all Happy 2013,Thought this site would be a good start for info before I make a purchase of a '35 Buick 56s with dual side mounts.Are there numbers that could confirm if the motor is original to the car.Here is what I have so far,Vin.#2813549, Style#35-4557, Body#198 and Trim#200. Is there a reference chart to describe what these #'s mean.Would it tell me what the original body color was and the type of interior it came with.The car appears to be a lightly used and well presurved older restoration so anything could have be altered during the restoration. The motor is a straight 8 ohv and
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