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  1. Hey Tom, It should be just a friction fit. You may need a three jaw pullet to hook onto the three legs of the hub. I think there is a key as well. Keep us posted as to how you make out.
  2. The 28 model 72 town sedan we have as a parts car has the top style of door stops. I sent a PM to mcgoo but never heard anything back. The Fisher bodied coupe we have of the same model uses them too. They are the same as my 29 chev coupe. Probably many others as well.
  3. Pretty rare item. Only seen one as an option on a 28 Chev roadster and it was found at Hershey. Good hunting.
  4. Hello Bob, You might have to carefully pull off a part to see a good representation of the original color. Maybe a rear fender, or something on the firewall. If it is a model with aluminum sill plates that would be a good place to start. Good luck, Possibly post in the Chrysler section as well. Art
  5. For sale a 28 touring rear drivers side door skin. Has 2 small pin holes in lower flat section of panel, and dent toward top. Quite fixable, $20 + shipping Art S
  6. Hello Mark, I might have what you are looking for. I do not know what they may be worth. They may be 25/26 though. I can look tomorrow if you still need them. Also have a 28 front axle with spindles arms.
  7. Hello Londontaxi, How have you gotten on with your starter? Any luck? If you need a core or whatever, send me a PM.
  8. Check with the contact lead, I think the (29 chev) aluminum pistons, rings, and cam grinding all six pistons was $250. If you are lucky he may have a set for your Chrysler on the shelf. You might also check with Portland Engine Builders in Portland OR. A couple of years ago they had a early Chrysler 8 marine engine they were rebuilding. We were in there on one of our garage night tours. Looked almost identical to our 28 model 72 six cylinder coupe engine except of course longer. For marine applications the engine is reversed meaning the trans and prop are off of the front of the engine instead of the normal bell housing end. Still had the updraft carb and a wet pack exhaust manifold. Looked cool sitting there on the floor - powerful.
  9. Sent you a couple of PMs about a possible lead, good luck.
  10. Hello Wally, On our parts car (28 Model 72 Town Sedan) there is nothing that attaches to the cowl. The dual side mounts come up through the side splash aprons and are solidly bolted to the frame. They look something like a fishing davit. It has a lower clamp that is held down with a large wing nut and also has a clamp at the top that can have a padlock inserted after tightening against the rim. These are for de-mountable rims not wire rims. I suspect the Model 66 would be somewhat similar. Might be able to come up with a picture if you need one.
  11. I have a 41 New Yorker rad that may be useable. Not perfect but the tanks are like the other fellow says angled on all 4 corners. The top tank has a patch that can be repaired. Art S
  12. The info above was for paint code 184 which theoretically could be for any model painted with paint code #184. It is non discriminatory, or exclusive.
  13. Hello Absolutenick, I have an original service manual compilation from a long time members estate. Ranges from 1929 to 1940. Paint code 184 lists the "hood black, hood molding black, stripes gold bronze, wire wheels black, cream medium, or aurora red, steel wheels black, steel wheel stripe gold bronze, instrument panel depression walnut transfer". All other parts on that particular paint combination were listed as black. The only other color mentioned were for the sport roadster top bow irons of cordova brown.
  14. 35 was kind of a special year on the Master series. It has suicide doors all the way around. The Filling Station in Lebanon Oregon can provide you with reproduction owners manuals and other technical data along with most parts you may need. There are early six cylinder tours in different parts of the country sponsored by the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America open to pre 37 Chevrolets. I can tell you from experience that they are a lot of fun.
  15. Thank you all for responding. Since it has an oval gas tank, it probably looks like the small diagram in the upper right corner of the Flanders 20 add Peter posted. Not sure where the other models have their tanks mounted.
  16. Both of our 28 model 72s have that exact set up with a tube front axle. I think it is the last year for the external bands but the 29 model 75 was supposed to be mechanically the same with changes to the sheet metal so...? We are thinking of selling the coupe and maybe I'll make a speedster out of the parts car. I have a line on a 3.90 rear end for it which should make it pretty hot for an 85 year old car. A fellow we know made a speedster out of a Hall-Scott fire truck engine. He used the axles/brakes off of a Diamond T truck which look the same but on steroids. I think our drums are 12" and his look to be 14" or 15" in other words HUGE, but so is the whole thing with that engine. He named it Zeus. I have a couple of pictures if someone would post them.
  17. A couple of weeks ago a fellow showed me a '09 Flanders Gentlemens Roadster with a 4 cylinder motor. Disassembled but looks to be fairly complete and in quite good condition. I assume it was disassembled in the 40s or so. Does anyone have a picture of this auto? Also what would something like that be worth?
  18. Great story! If it is the double clutching you are worried about, there are packages to install a S10 5 speed trans in there or they actually make a 3 speed with second and third gears synchronized that is a direct bolt in conversion and is visually the same as original. Also many sources for parts. Good luck and have fun.
  19. Hello oldtimelampshop, The closed car cowl is quite different from the open car cowl. You might look at making a depot hack. The closed car cowl would be a good start for that since it has a straight up and down windshield, and the open car does not. Wouldn't be too difficult to do. Send me a pm and I have a few pictures I can send back as an example.
  20. Contact a model T supplier. I found the one I use at the Portland Swap Meet for $25 US They are out there. You probably will pay more than that for postage to get it from here to there. Good luck.
  21. I think I need the one I have but can look around in our area. There a number of early Chevs. The later 30 and 31 may fit but the cable comes out the other side to clear the exhaust. If you have to use a compensator to adjust the relationship between the rear end and the trans speedo gear they usually are configured in a 90 degree, so that may help.
  22. Hello Trotskie10, If you do not have an existing deck lid as a pattern start here. Since the deck lid on these old wood bodied cars is crimped over a nailing flange many people just replace the whole thing with new, ie wood, sheet metal, nailing flanges, everything. Use the quarter panels to get the curve. My 29 Chevy coupe uses three pieces of wood finger jointed together for the deck lid frame curve on each side. It has three cross members, the bottom one has the handle and latch mechanism, and the top front cross member piece goes up under the back side of the cab in order to keep water out. On many of these models the sheet metal for the deck lid fits OVER the top of the quarter panels, not between it. This is where the nailing flange comes in so that the wood frame fits between the quarter panel drip rails and the flange hides it all when the deck lid is closed. For hardware parts many of the closed car GM bodies were made by Fisher and if not identical are very similar. Chevrolet deck lid hinges and latches may be much easier to find. Keep us posted as to your progress. Art S
  23. In a bunch of Chevrolet parts I bought from another fellow is a short (10" or so) little horn made by the North East electric company. Did they only make parts for Mopar products? I have not taken it apart but appears to be like a Klaxon motor type. Any ideas as to application, Plymouth, Desoto, or some other small make?
  24. If the brake pedal return spring is not pulling the pedal all the way back to the stop the result would be the same. Sure sounds like the equalizer port is blocked somehow.
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