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  1. Hi West. James Lynas here from Atlanta. (Adler guy)
  2. Third from the top is most definately a Lincoln. I thought you were talking about the open hood photo that was last with the red engine. Sorry
  3. Which one is the Cadillac? Are you referring to the Isotta Fraschini in the last pic?
  4. I actually find them all of the time. West Peterson can attest to this, lol. (Hi West, It's James Lynas formerly from Atlanta). Just last month I am driving my a garage that I've never seen opened before as the owner was pulling some yard tools out and spotted an old car inside. Stopped, struck up a conversation and was offered the car for $500. I offered the "barn find experience" to a fellow collector (with a slight markup) and he was able to photograph and remove the dust covered Plymouth from the barn. We had a lot of fun that day and the old girl was actually in great shape and was running within the week. There aren't too many barns around where i live, but i count anything with a good layer of dust on it it stored away for years. The others are just a few of the dozens I have found including a one owner 70 Challenger, a 67 Corvette REPLICA, and a one owner California MG, a 50's hot rodded 32 ford Coupe with 1962 license plates on it, a mint 61 Corvette, a pair of 66 Mustang convertibles, and last but not least, my most famous Barn find, the 1937 Adler Lemans race car.
  5. On the back it says "If found, return to" and a place to inscribe your contact information like a dog tag. lol
  6. Are you sure that is a V16 and not a v12? The reason I ask is that I used to know of an identicle car (model and color and condition) in Michigan but it was a V12
  7. I found this in the glovebox of a 1952 Plymouth barn find I bought a few months ago for $500. I have never seen one before and I searched the web and could not find any others. I originally thought it was a penny. lol Anyway, I thought it was kind of neat.
  8. I found this in a glovebox of a 1952 Plymouth I bought. I had never seen one before and surfed the web without finding another. Have you guys seen these before? I imagine that they handed them out quite a bit back in the later thirties. Still kind of neat though.