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  1. I think I go the correct pump, but I have the wrong timing case cover on this motor. Looking for an aluminum, 1965 cover. Thanks for your response!
  2. I have not yet checked the numbers to be sure the car is "numbers Matching" or even to be certain the engine is a 401, but I believe I have narrowed down the problem. The timing case cover, which had a repair done to it, seems to be from a different year motor. All of the 1965 - 401 water pumps are the same as what I was sold. The older 1961 and 62 pumps, look like they will fit the shape that my timing cover calls for. I hope the length of the snout will fit behind the radiator. Thanks for your reply!
  3. once again, I need to call on you for help with my Buick. I bought a new water pump. There is only a single option available for the 401 engine. When I got it home, I checked for fit (I thought) by looking at the bolt holes. Yup, everything lines up, and when I laid it on top of the timing case cover on a workbench, it looked fine. So.......I went ahead and turned in the core. This is not my first rodeo, so I should have known not to turn in the core until the new part was installed. But when I went to install it today, I could see from the top down view, that the pump did not mate correctly
  4. Thank you all, for your response. Less to worry about now.
  5. I'm working on a 65 riviera that sat for 10 years. I got it started and the water pump started leaking. No big surprise there. But while I was changing the water pump I got the bright idea to tighten the bolts around the timing cover. they looked wet. One bolt snapped off with hardly any pressure. It looked more corroded than I would have expected. So, I created a lot of extra work for myself taking the timing cover off to extract the broken bolt. When I took out one timing cover bolt near the fuel pump, much to my surprise, antifreeze came pouring out. I felt that from the corosion I saw on t
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