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  1. Yes we did install it with the engine in place but you do have to snake it through the engine mounts.
  2. Update, cooking right along, torque tube , rear diff and suspension, all brakes and brake lines with drums and new bearings. installed trans lower linkage and e- brake cable.
  3. So the battle begins, the old girl is staring to take shape.
  4. Hi All, Thanks for looking, Im restoring a 56 super convertible and Im looking for a brake master res. is aluminum and it only a one year part. If I have to by the whole booster I get it as long as the res. is in good shape. you can text me if you prefer. Thanks, Paul 360-440-8206
  5. Thats really cool,Thanks for the info.I do believe the extra upgrades were most likely Dealer add ons.Love the production numbers.Thanks again.Should be moving the car to the resto shop here in a few weeks.Ill include pics with updates on how its going along with any "suprises" always interesting. Happy new year Paul
  6. The interior is not bad.the front seat is pretty split,the door panels are good but have some warpage.the back seat is great.there is a small hole in the floor pan infront of the drivers seat.all the power windows need to be rebuilt im assuming but should recondition well because the car has such low milage they are just atrafeed from sitting for 50 years.everything is there though.just for giggles i hooked up a batt and fount the signals worked the headlights work the horn works,the dome lights work,gauges work.not bad for sitting as long as it did.
  7. Already paying off with great info and contacts.Thank you all.I do have some questions about that rear window.Im told that the window should be plastic but the top is original from what I can tell and that window sure looks factory.the patina on it looks very correct along with the interior light just below it.Did not know about the bomb sights but they also look very original and the undercoat covers the scews that hold them.also with the correct patina.I just dontt know.could this be some sort of copo car?There is an x afer the serial number.just not sure at this point.This will be fun.I will join the AACA ans look for some sort of Documentation.Is any one aware if there is a version of a Marty report but for Buicks? Thank you in advance. Paul
  8. So Ive owned a restoration/speed shop for many years here in washington.I normally get quite a few leads on old cars and normally it an old ford ltd rusting in some field.This time was though I believe I scored one of my best finds of all time.Over the years Ive restored all kinds of different cars from grand classics to muscle cars but this is my first 56 buick.Im hoping the experts on here will help me thru the task of finding what I might need and documentation.There were a few nice old classics in this Garage.all so dusty you couldnt see throught the windows.But the the car that really caught my eye was the 1956 Buick Super convertable.only 23 thousand original miles.Been in ths spot since the mid 60s,Should be a nice resto cause every last piece of the car was there.all original.does need a complete resto though.survivor is out of the question.So thought I would include some pics and look forward to getting to know you. Merry Christmas Paul