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  1. the car has been running rich. I have looked at the plugs and they are full of carbon. im not sure where to start on the carburetor. Its a Stromberg carb. its not running full time yet, its close. Im not currently running a lead additive in the fuel. please help
  2. I have a 1938 dodge brothers d8. this is my first "pre war" car. I have a bunch of the manuals for the vehicle. I was using the information in the manual for my oil. I don't have a filter so I have been using the heavy oil because I thought the new oil would ruin the parts inside the does eat oil, its not driving yet . its almost done so after reading your information I should go to modern oil and add a fuel additive. I appreciate the info. might of just saved my engine.
  3. I have a dodge brothers dodge d8 sedan . I have all the moldings but the drivers side hood molding. I cant find it anywhere.
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    I bought the car from a car show, it needed help. bought for 2000. I have been working on it four years now. the car is all steel. I found a guy on ebay that makes body parts for 1937 and 38 dodge. the rockers were replaced both sides and the dog legs both sides. the pan under the trunk was also made a by real craftsman. the car was taken down to the bare metal ,epoxy primer and now ready to paint. new wiring harness with fuse box. generator changed for a alternator. 12 volts now. keeping everything as stock as possible .
  5. I do want to keep the car stock. I'm just throwing it out there. I do love the car the way it is. I was thinking I could get a better ride out of it . that's all
  6. hello everyone! i have been on this site a while ago. i was looking for parts and got discouraged when i was contacted ny someone on this site that wanted to rip people off . anyway im starting over. i have done a ton of work to my 1938 dodge. its stock. flat head 6. all steel. its all in prime now, saving up money to buy the paint. i was thinking of putting another frame under it for a better ride with modern suspension. does anyone have any idea what frame would fit under this thing?
  7. I have a 1938 dodge d-8 .i am in the process of rewiring to a 12 volt system. im trying to find out how to wire a brake switch, it only has two wires coming from it.I ordered a new brake switch ,im just waiting for it to come in. I don't see any wires coming from the steering column.
  8. I'm looking for a hood molding for my 1938 d8. The molding goes along the hood (drivers side). I only need one molding to have the entire car complete.
  9. I have a 1938 dodge brothers d8 sedan , I need the molding that runs down the hood on the drivers side. its chrome and about 3 foot long. thank you
  10. I have a 1938 dodge brothers d8. im looking for the molding that goes on the hood,drivers side chrome. about 3 ft long.:cool: this is the only molding i need.
  11. I have a 1938 dodge brothers. Its my first antique car, i love it. i need the one molding that goes on the hood on the drivers side (chrome) . Its about 4 foot long. let me know if anyone sees one, or have a place to find it. thank you
  12. Thanks a lot eveyone. . keiser, i have the touring trunk. i will post the photos. the only thing ineed is the small molding on the drivers side of the hood, all moldings are great, thats the only molding missing. If anyone knows where i can pick a molding up at please let me know. posting photos
  13. I'm the new guy to this site and a new owner of a antique car. I bought a 1938 dodge brothers two door d8 . It is in great shape , needs work but its all there. I bought it with the intention to make a hot rod. I really don't know what I have. I looked into the title and it has only 55,000 original miles. I have it down to bare metal now and I don't know if I should keep it original or continue with my hot rod thought. I've never had a car this old . Please help