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  1. 69 and 70 have the same console and dash, so probably the same seats.
  2. Not yet. Still working through the mechanical systems. A lot of codes were stored but its reset now and I’ll wait to see what faults recur. It almost caught on fire last week; perhaps I should’ve let it go up in flames.
  3. It’s official: the Jag is a money pit. Several thousand dollars spent and it’s still not right. Plus I can’t find the parts I need. Buicks are so much easier.
  4. I ordered one for my library but haven’t received it yet.
  5. Any idea to which generation of Riviera this new look refers? I’m guessing it’s from the ‘70s
  6. The UAW strike over health insurance benefits began on Friday September 1964 and ended October 27-28th or so. I’ve only ever seen one data plate with 10E. Never seen any firm figures on lost production
  7. And it’ll be the 50 year celebration for the 1970. Take some good photos because we might need a mascot for the tee shirt
  8. I guess it’s nice to be quoted, but isn’t the Riview copyrighted?
  9. Thanks guys for the calls this weekend. I’m glad there is some interest in this worthy project. I will be flying up to Rockford in 10 days and will be around for only a week to finish things up. After that, I’ll be wintering in Florida.
  10. A little more info... I bought the car 3-4 years ago from a friend of Riviera Bob’s with the intention of restoring it. The motor and trans were rebuilt a year ago and have no miles on them. The car is numbers-matching in all respects with an early May build date. Paint code zz (silver cloud) interior 628 (deluxe black vinyl), with tinted glass, power windows, power seat, remote trunk release, air conditioning, rear speaker, rear defogger, rear arm rest, remote mirror, door guard mouldings, seat belts with retractors. I think I have all the necessary parts to complete it. In some cases, I have extra parts in better shape than the ones on the car, e.g. clam shells, chrome trim. I also have a some very hard to find parts, e.g. rear ac bracket, correct kick down switch. The dual quads and intake are the correct codes too. Located in Rockford, an hour west of Chicago, an hour south of Madison.
  11. Interior is all there, too. And, of course, I have all the shiny bits. For unknown reasons this website is suddenly not allowing me to post photos, so PM me if interested
  12. Yeah, it’s unfortunate. My restoration team is not aging gracefully; in fact, they are dropping like flies. But thanks for reminding me to mention that this car comes with a fully restored, tested and correct dual quad set-up done by Tom Terrific. Thanks Tom! It also comes with all the parts needed to complete the restoration.
  13. Numbers-matching LX engine rebuilt to stock configuration with consultation from Russ Martin, original BS trans also professionally rebuilt. Neither installed yet. Body is straight and very solid. Minor rust in trunk bed and under battery tray. Well optioned silver ext/black deluxe interior. Needs restoration which I no longer have time or ability to complete. Clear title in my name. $18K to a good home.
  14. Just got back from a car show at a local nudist resort. Ruby wasn't the only one topless today
  15. So when you criticize the past restoration attempt, be clear about whether that misadventure is a liability moving forward, i.e., did they do any damage to the car that the next owner will have to deal with. If not, a clarification may allay fears.
  16. Hagerty gives multi-car discounts. They are enablers!
  17. Does somebody need an intervention and a 12-step program?
  18. Nothing wrong with small emblems, in fact they are quite rare (November through mid-December production only) but I’ve yet to see an exact number, or even a guess. I’d say probably less than 600 were made. Tom? What’s your guess?
  19. Hi Craig, Congratulations! It appears you have all the correct pieces even though the LX block won’t be numbers-matching. The carbs, too, are the correct ones but they also have 3-digit date codes just below the numbers. If you’re really picky you will prefer the last digit to be a 4 or 5 depending on your vehicle build date.
  20. Never mind, I found it. SMS auto fabrics in Oregon has it.
  21. Looks like it’s only available in vinyl. Does anyone reproduce the cloth?
  22. That’s a nice looking car. Somebody needs to snap that one up quickly
  23. No, but the data plate on the firewall will. The ROA website has all the information you need.
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