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  1. Hi Bob, I've got a 37 Deluxe 6 Touring Sedan with the same plate paint #8. Don't know exactly what the paint number refers to but the body is black if that helps any? [ATTACH=CONFIG]207138[/ATTACH]
  2. I'd like to add a tachometer to my 37 Pontiac Deluxe 6 Touring Sedan. I prefer to keep the car as close to original as possible but I've always had a tach in my vehicles. I'd like to keep it small, like the 2" types. I'm not talking about the tachs that require a sending unit just the simple connection type to the battery and coil. All I can find are the 12 volt versions. First question: Is this voltage just for the bulb in the unit? Will these 12v tachs operate on 6 volts if you change the bulb since they're only sensing pulses from the coil? Second question: Should I be looking for a tach range of 0-4000 or 0-6000 or 0-8000 rpm? The 37 Pontiac produces 85 brake-hp at 3520 rpm. So what rpm would I be running at, at say 60 mph? I guess the question should be what is the top rpm of this engine (223 cu.in., L-head, 6 cyl)? I'd appreciate any help! Thanks
  3. Can someone tell me what the threads are on the oil galley plugs of a straight 6, 223 engine, 1937 Pontiac. I tried to remove one the other day to measure it but couldn't break any of the three loose. By measuring the o.d. of the threads sticking out of the block it looks like 7/16" and a fine thread as well which is confusing. It's too cold in Minnesota right now to do any more but I wanted to order flare fittings for a hard line, remote oil filter. After some research I see most people recommend using -8an flare fittings or larger with the usual rubber hose approach. I want to install a hard line instead. I thought if I knew the oil galley plug threads then the fittings for that thread size would determine the largest size tubing to use for the hard line. My previous thought was to use 3/8 npt threads but they are too large. Also would 1/4" lines be too small to use? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I see them now, thanks Charles, and the right side looks like it has more room on the 6 cyl. than the distributor side has so I'll probably make a bracket to attach it to there. While looking around for an attachment location I see this shutoff cock, see attachment pix, between the distributor and oil filler tube. What is it for? I'd guess to drain water from the block but I don't know. Wouldn't the radiator drain cock do that well enough? I was thinking about using that spot to anchor my bracket but it's a little too cramped there anyway. Is this drain cock something I need to watch or replace? And one last question: What size id oil line do I need to efficiently send oil to the filter? Is larger better or maybe it doesn't matter? I'm thinking about keeping everything attached to the engine to avoid having to use rubber hose which I'm not crazy about. Thanks again. Paul
  5. Hi guys, I'm new here. I've have my grandfathers 1937 Pontiac Deluxe 6 Touring 4 door from my uncle before he died. It's in pretty good shape due to the fact gramps wouldn't drive it if it was raining, even on Sunday!! My dad said they had to walk to church if it was raining. Ha! The car has about 35,000 miles on it. It sat on the farm in a wooden shed, with a dirt floor, barely big enough for the car alone. I've replaced all the brake hoses and flushed the lines. Shoes look good enough to drive when I repacked the wheel bearings with grease. Anyway, my question is has anyone here installed a remote oil filter on this 223 cu.in. engine? I'd like to install one but I don't see any oil lines to the cam shaft that I can interrupt to add the filter between. :confused: Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. Paul
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