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  1. Do you still have some parts? I`m looking for the oil bath cleaner for a 1937 olds. Thank you
  2. I restore my 1935 ford 5 windows coupe - I ordered a roof kit from mac's, but I can not find instructions for installation. does anyone happen to have images of a roof and headliner restoration? Thank you!
  3. Frame or rolling Chassis in good condition for my 1935 5 Window Coupe, please send offer with pictures to marth.g@gmx.at Thank you!
  4. I am looking for a coupe from 1932 to 1938 (Ford, Chevy, Chrysler,...) for restoration. If possible, please send me pictures with selling price by mail. Thankx, Guenther
  5. I need the whole rear end (Housing, differential, axle shafts). Thank you for the note
  6. Can anybody help ? I´m looking for a rear Axle for a 1930 Marmon Model Eight 69 - very urgent. Thank´s for answer. Guenther
  7. I`m looking for a complete running engine or some engine parts for my damaged Model 70 engine. I am glad to any advice - Thank you, Guenther
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