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  1. Btt. Let me know if anyone has any questions. For the collector & meant for all years in the 20's (1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929) and maybe even into the 1930's (1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939). Applies to Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Hudson, Essex, Terraplane, Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Studebaker, Lincoln, Flint, Star, Durant, Model A, Model T, Rambler, Jeffrey, Velie, Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg, Templar, Devaux, Ruxton, Austin, Chrysler, Cunningham, Desoto, Dodge, Franklin, Graham, Hupmobile, LaSalle, Marmon, Nash, Packard, Pierce-Arrow, Plymouth, Peerless, Reo, Rockne, Stutz, Willys-Knight, Willys-Overland, Overland, Whippet.
  2. Thanks for your comments. Thought I would add that this item has been posted onto eBay. It is available for sale in several places. It is a museum quality piece.
  3. Pictured here is a MONOGRAM Radiator Cap Window Display from the early to mid 1920's. This multi-colored display was never set up and comes in its original 25" x 28" shipping box. It has SIX Monogram Emblems with letters. It also has SIX Porcelain Emblems representing various Fraternal Organizations. The Display folds out into a 3-Dimensional window display approximately 3 feet across. This display was meant for the Christmas season and probably would have been normally thrown away afterward--so it is very rare. This is a stunning multi-colored display and would be a most impressive piece to add to any collection. This would make an outstanding Christmas gift for that hard-to-buy for car collector in the family. I am asking $1500 plus shipping or close reasonable offer. I estimate total shipping at roughly $63 which includes approximately $40 shipping (large package USPS), $23 of insurance, electronic return receipt plus signature confirmation. I will adjust shipping lower if it calculates out that way for the actual buyer. I would recommend the buyer simply pick up the piece and not involve the US Postal Service. For any questions contact me here on the AACA site (likesl29s). I accept check (but will wait for it to clear) and also Paypal. I also plan to list this piece on the HCCA site and on Fordbarn. Thanks for looking at this post.
  4. I would agree, paint is temporary, but it is not free. I have a decent budget but am trying to avoid the expensive parts of a restoration if possible. I think I will continue to look. Thanks for the tips and leads everyone. I appreciate it.
  5. Well, the two on the Mafca site are both a version of Bronson Yellow/Seal Brown, not a color I am enthusiastic about. One has been sold. The other I am not sure about. Other than that I am continuing to look. Thanks for asking though.
  6. To all, resuming my search. If you hear of a 68C for sale please let me know. Thanks.
  7. To All, I have resumed my search. Some things have cleared up so I am looking again. Thanks to all for their responses. If anyone hears of one, particularly if it is Lombard Blue, I am interested. Thanks, likesL29s
  8. To All, I am abandoning my search for a 68C due to personal reasons. Thanks to all for their comments etc. Yours truly, LikesL29s
  9. Hello all. Wyona's car is a very nice 68B. I am still looking for a 68C slant windshield cabriolet, preferably in a darker color, but will consider any vehicle. Thanks very much. LikesL29s
  10. Look at an auction July 19th in Sabin MN, 4-door phaeton. I am looking for a 68C slant windshield cabriolet if you hear of one (Ed 419-582-2861). Thanks.
  11. Above is a 68B straight windshield. I am still looking for a 68C slant windshield. Thanks.
  12. I noticed the person called scalptrader posted a 36 cabriolet on this site about 3 weeks ago. I am not associated with this car, just letting you know. I am looking for a 1931 Slant-Window Model A Ford Cabriolet. If you know anyone interested or thinking of selling theirs, please let me know. Yours truly, LikesL29s
  13. Looking for an older restoration, good driving condition 1931 Model A Ford 68C Cabriolet. Prefer a darker color car (Lombard Blue, Black, Ford Maroon, Brewster Green & Black--not so much Bronson Yellow/Seal Brown, or Green, but am open to anything depending on price). I would prefer to avoid a project requiring major restoration. If you or someone you know is thinking of selling their car, please contact me regarding price and condition. Reply to this thread or call 937-638-5955 or 419-582-2861. Thanks, likesL29s
  14. Happy New Year to all. Did not find the car I am looking for in 2013, but am hopeful 2014 will be the year. Hope everyone has a prosperous New Year. If you hear of a 68C for sale, please contact me (Thanks). Yours Truly likesL29s
  15. Hi Mercer09, Thanks for the comment regarding the MAFCA site. I do look there. Of the two you mentioned, one is a 68B which I am not interested in. The other was a 68C which I called on the same day it listed. Unfortunately it had been purchased prior to my contacting the owner. That is why I posted my want ad here, so I can discuss a potential sale perhaps before it is generally posted. If you or someone you know is thinking of selling their 68C I may be interested. I have been declining on projects or cars needing total re-paints because of overall cost. I know it is a fairly rare car, and I am being a bit selective, so it is taking a while. Again, thanks for your suggestion, I appreciate it.
  16. Hi, still looking for a nice 68C. I would really prefer a Lombard Blue or similar dark-colored car. I know that being particular with such a rare car limits me, but I personally like Lombard Blue, Ford Maroon, Black, Brewster Green & Black over choices such as Yellow & Seal Brown, and Elkpoint & Kewaunee Green. A light color I like would be Moleskin Brown. At any rate, thanks everyone for your comments and leads, and I wish everyone reading this a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (My contact information is in a previous posting above). LikesL29s
  17. Thanks for the lead TheMoneyPit, as Mr. Scafani mentioned it is a Sport Coupe. Thanks to both of you. I am continuing to look. Thanks again.
  18. I received a lead on a 68B (thanks very much!), but am still looking for a 68C. Let me know if you hear of one. Reply to this thread or call 937-638-5955 or 419-582-2861 or danielea@nktelco.net. Thanks, Bud
  19. Hi--anyone seen a nice 1931 Slant Window Cabriolet that the owner is thinking of selling currently or in the near future? I would like to speak with you. Thanks, likesL29s
  20. Still looking for older restoration, good driving condition 1931 Model A Ford 68C Cabriolet. Open to other year cabriolets as well. Please advise price and condition. Reply to this thread or call 937-638-5955 or 419-582-2861. Thanks, Bud
  21. Looking for a nice s/w cabriolet (driver) to enjoy with my family. Thanks. Please contact me at 419-582-2861.
  22. Looking for older restoration, good driving condition 1931 Model A Ford 68C Cabriolet. Please advise price and condition. Reply to this thread or call 937-638-5955 or 419-582-2861. Thanks, Bud
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