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  1. I have for sale a pair of really nice cowl light arms for what I have been told fit a 1929 Studebaker. Merc66 told me about what it fits (says he has one). These are listed in the For Sale forum for $35. Look for "FS Cowl light arms for an unknown 1920s automobile." I have carried these around for years. If anyone, including Merc66, wants these for the cost of shipping, just let me know your name and address, we will figure up the shipping, and I will send them right out after payment.
  2. NEW LOCATION!!!! at Miami County Fairgrounds, Troy, OH, (Dayton area). Sunday, November 7th, 2021. SWAP MEET, sponsored by the Dayton-Buckeye Model A Club. Breakfast, Lunch, Inside and Outside Vendors. See Flyer below for more details:
  3. Thank you Merc66, that is good information to know. I apologize for not responding sooner--I don't regularly check this forum. I will try to post on a Studebaker forum unless you are interested. I want these to go to a good home.
  4. I have for sale ONE Auburn dealership letterhead from the Auburn-Indiana Company of Fort Wayne, Indiana. It also has the Cord coat of arms at the top. In addition I have TWO copies of Super Service Inc letterhead, also of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Both companies are of the same address. All letterheads are unused. Bear in mind, if you have the original, it will be easy to run off copies to send to your friends. I am asking $75 for all THREE originals. Shipping would be extra.
  5. Saw adjustable forks for a Model T on eBay: item 293983752662. Also saw this ad on HCCA site, attached.
  6. Hi, looking for the item pictured which goes on the center of a 1930-31 Model A Ford radiator shell. I don't know what it would be called or what manufacturer made it, so I am at a disadvantage.
  7. The Tester below has been sold as of 2-2-21. Thanks for everyone's interest. Here is a Weidenhoff Ignition Tester with Manual. The Manual covers the years 1925-1931. Also included are the following adapters and probes: Adapters: PAT114, PAT104 (metric adapter), PAT116 (C-M special adapter). Probes: PAT 42, PAT29, PAT2, PAT1, PAT12 (straight rod, thin), PAT40, marking worn off (stepped rod). Height gage #138. Plus a few wires. Note, the adapter for the 1928 thru 1931 Model A Ford is #102 and the Rod is #7, NEITHER of which is in this kit. Weight including packaging will be approximately 7 lbs. I am asking $75 or best offer. Check or Paypal is acceptable. Thanks.
  8. Pictured here are a pair of very nice cowl light arms for a 1920's auto. The lights mount to the arms with a "spade" mount and set screw arrangement. The arms have decent plating. The brackets and fasteners are with the arms. I am asking $35 for the pair. Shipping would be extra. I just want these to go to someone who can use them. I would also like to know what car these parts apply to. Thank you.
  9. Hi, looking for the item pictured which goes on the center of a 1930-31 Model A Ford radiator shell. I don't know what it would be called or what manufacturer made it, so I am at a disadvantage.
  10. SWAP MEET at Brookville, OH, (Dayton area) sponsored by the Dayton-Buckeye Model A Club. At Reichard Chevrolet. Breakfast, Lunch, Inside and Outside Vendors. See Flyer for more details.
  11. Thanks for the tip--Auburnseeker. I am not a dreamer, just a guy with a budget. Also, I would appreciate not being called names or labelled. This car has been listed for over 3 years at a much higher price. I work full time and do not always check this site because for weeks and months there has sometimes been nothing to see. You old guys wonder why younger people get turned off by the old car hobby: just read your own posts.
  12. Still looking for a good 68C, please contact me at your convenience. Thanks.
  13. As I stated in post #51, what I am willing to pay is kind of my business, but it all depends on condition and equipment. Now on to reply to Mr. Harwood's comments. I understand what you are saying--I am being picky for my own reasons. I began by looking for any Model A Cabriolet, but as I learned about these cars, I gravitated toward 30-31 since I am more of a 30-31 guy. As I noticed the asking prices, I gravitated more toward the 68C, not because its rare but because I prefer the styling to the 68B. I do not personally prefer Bronson Yellow and Seal Brown, which eliminates the great majority of the 68C's out there. I have no problem working on some given area like a new top, or brakes, etc. but what I have found is that most need not just a little but a LOT. I don't want a major restoration on my hands (been there, done that and don't want to go there again). Many people may not understand this, but if I don't find what I want, I really don't mind. I have a Model A to drive (no show car by any means) and if I did not have that I would still be content. Thanks for your comments. If anyone has any leads, I would be open to speaking with them.
  14. Looking for older restoration, good driving condition 1931 Model A Ford 68C Cabriolet. Please advise price and condition. Reply to this thread. Thanks
  15. Hi fellows. The green one on Fordbarn is not for me. It is a show car and a fine restoration--the price reflects that, I am after a driver. The one on eBay is OK but not quite what I had in mind. My budget is irrelevant--that is my concern. These vehicles are all over the lot regarding their condition and equipment. Most 68Cs I have seen are painted garish colors, or the car needs repainting, needs replating, needs reupholstering, the top is bad, the wood is no good, they are missing key components unique to a 68C, mechanical condition is questionable, etc. Just because it's a 68C is no guarantee of high value. I am looking for a dark colored 68C with good paint, chrome, and stainless, in good mechanical condition, with all the right components there, and built to drive. Doesn't sound like a tall order, but it is.
  16. Hope everyone is having a good 2015. I am still looking for the right car. I know there is one on ebay but I don't think it's the right one for me. If you have a 68C for sale, please contact me. Thanks.
  17. Halcyondays: is your car Bronson Yellow or a dark color? Are you thinking of selling it, restoring it, or repainting it and keeping it? Or perhaps repainting it and selling it?
  18. Hi, I hope everyone is having a good holiday. Just thought I would take a minute and re-post my desire of finding a good driving 1931 68C Slant Windshield Cabriolet, preferably in a dark color, Lombard Blue, Black, Brewster Green/Black, or Ford Maroon. Moleskin Brown would be interesting as well. Thanks, and have a good weekend.
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