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  1. I'm looking for Series 9 transmission gears or complete transmission is ok too. The case, shifter, etc don't matter since I'm mostly looking for a nice gear set. Contact: Jim Eby, 425-802-2194, jimeby@hotmail.com Thanks!
  2. I sat in on the brake tech session at the Cazenovia Trek and just now got around to investigating some questions I had on brake master cylinders. The tech subject was a presentation on conversion from single to dual M/C performed and the issues with getting a firm pedal after installing a dual master cylinder. The presenter recalled that the master cylinder was listed as an early Corvette master cylinder. In my quick Google search, I found that the Corvette made 4 wheel disc brakes available starting on the 1965 model. I also found that Corvette transitioned to dual master cylinder in 1965 (fo
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