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  1. The Packard Hawk website was taken down by Mike Williams because of hackers (packardhackers?).

    If you want a roster of existing cars or add yours , contact me to get his contact info.

    I have two Packard Hawks for sale.

    Some parts are missing from each cars but between the two you will have a good restorable car with enough left

    to find the needed parts and complete the second car.

    I also have hoarded a large number of N.O.S. parts for these cars and the buyer of the cars gets first dibbs.

    Contact me at studebaker@mac.com

    Bob I've talk to you before, and wanted to stop in and see youthe last time I went to Wisconsin - but sadly you were out of town. I'm J.D. just out of Toledo. Mine is now completly rebuilt and wife would kill me if I bought another. Next time I head to Wis I will call you and hopefully be able to see your place. Take care!

  2. Now that its been estimated that 250 or so are left, I would really like to know how many are in showroom condition. I have only seen and know of roughly a dozen. This would explain why at Mecum auction in Fla in January one sold for $90000.00 Mine is nearly finished, but for that kind of cash it makes me think twice about keeping it.


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