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  1. I've heard nothing but good things about Kearney.....Empire was a lot cheaper though so I took a little risk. I got them unmachined because I want to play with pop-up pistons and some changes to the chamber shape so want all the material I could have available. They say the heads are available ready to bolt-on too, but I can't attest to the quality or anything but the castings that I got whihc are good.......when you order COD at least.
  2. The heads arrived yesterday and they look pretty good. A couple minor things here but that's expected with castings , I'm pretty happy.
  3. Ray called me today asking if I got the tracking # message and in talking he mentioned that he has 3 sets of "as cast" unfinned heads sitting on the shelf that are externally copies of the original "zephyr" script heads.....and I'm 3/4 thinking about taking a set because I kind of prefer the simple, clean look...of course I'd need to sell the fined set of my wife do be.....displeased with me
  4. Empire called me with a valid tracking number yesterday that says the package will arrive Tuesday.....we'll see what shows up. Again this is a COD order! I paid NOTHING up front.
  5. I ordered a set of bare castings form him. I read some scary things so I've insisted on a COD transaction, which he agreed to. He's told me 3 times now the heads were ready to ship but still no heads here. I don't really need them yet so it's no big deal but just a bit weird....he calls and emails to tell me they are ready to go, I say fine just give me a tracking number when they're on their way so I can be home to meet them with the money and then nothing for 3 days to a week...then a call telling me they're ready to go.....repeat. I say weird just because I'm not calling or emailing him asking when so I can't figure-out what purpose the false shipping dates serve other than to (further) tarnish his reputation???? The price for the bare casting he gave me was $1510 delivered to PA.