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  1. Saw this on craigslist.....1965 Buick Riviera - Classic Collector Car
  2. How about for a 1965 Riv? I have bias ply on it now but looking to get radials? What's the correct size to get?
  3. Does anybody know of anyone that rebuilds 401 nailheads in Westchester, rockland, or orange counties in NY. Thanks. Its for a 1965 Riv.
  4. Any idea where to buy the second relay? The one with only 3 prongs?
  5. Thanks, Tom. Do you guys recommed clarks kit or one from OPGI. OPGI is almost $100 cheaper but not sure of the quality or how well it matches the door panel.
  6. Did the 65' have the black pinstripe on the console and doors or just the doors?
  7. When i got my riv it didnt come with a H/L motor. I was able to find one, my question is how to i attach the motor to the arms? Are they just screwd on?
  8. ok thanks i will ask the shop if they have a "live steam" machine.
  9. if the original foam looks decent would you guys recommed reusing them?
  10. ok stupid question what is a jam nut? do the bottom studs thread out or do i need to pull them out. sorry im new to this
  11. Do i need to remove the fenders to remove the grille?
  12. Looking to redo my two front buckets on a 65 custom interior in fabric material. Is clarks corvair the best place for this. Also anyone know where i can get cushions as clarks corvair doesnt carry cushions for the custom interior. Thanks
  13. How would i remove a radio in a 1965 riviera?
  14. how hard was it to install? are you happy with it?
  15. Thanks. I was really thinking about doing it for sound purposes.
  16. Hello new to this forum. Recently bought a 1965 Riv was thinking of putting in headers was just wondering where to start looking and or if its a good idea. Thanks
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