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  1. If you're not on a tight budget make it 30' x 40' which will easily hold 6 big cars. I was going to have one that size built in my back yard this summer but unfortunately the lateral lines from my septic system are on that side of the yard so I can't do it. They wouldn't even let me put a driveway over the lines and put the garage further back. Good luck....
  2. Hopefully this won't catch on here. The longer you watch the stranger the cars get. (It's a 5 minute video).... :confused: :confused: :confused: LiveLeak.com - Japanese & Crazy Hotrods
  3. The ad is 3 years old, Martin. I would suggest giving him a call since his number is in the ad but don't get your hopes up. Good luck....
  4. Here in KY we get 2" of snow and in several rural counties schools are closed for anywhere from 1-3 days because they can't afford snow plows or salt for their roads so they simply cancel school until it melts off the roads.... :confused:
  5. I was born on March 14, 1952 in Waukegan, IL so I'm two weeks younger than you. Bob Costas was also born in March of 1952 but does he look almost 61 to you? Remember April of 1964 when you were 12? Ford introduced a new car called the Mustang and four long haired guys from England called The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. Those were the good old days....
  6. I asked my dad that question a couple of years ago and he said he'd think about it and let me know. He passed away last April so I guess I'll never know. RIP, Pop.... :(
  7. He was probably too busy playing with dolls as a child to develop an interest in cars. He may have been raised by his mother and may not be the most masculine kid on the block, if you know what I mean.... :confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. Nice Buick. Did you do something to the rear to lower it or are the springs just in really bad shape?
  9. No snow here in Louisville but we did get a couple of inches about 6 weeks ago. It's sunny and 45 here today but on Thursday it was 67 and it missed the record high by two degrees. Hang in there, New Englanders....
  10. At the 45 second mark there's a gas station with a big "9" next to it. Could that mean that gas there is 9 cents a gallon? There are some other signs on the left that say "Rio Grande" and "Chevrolet" and "Dodge-Plymouth." I guess this was made before they painted lines on roads for traffic lanes....
  11. ....from southern California. What's the newest car in the video? (Click on the little box in the lower right corner to make it full screen.) LiveLeak.com - 1930's Car Dashcam / Rumble Seat Cam
  12. It's also much more expensive than a 4 door. Besides, most of the people who will be riding in the car are in their 50s and 60s so I decided to be more considerate of them and buy a 4 door this time....
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