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  1. Hi, Restorer. You must be almost in my backyard, what shop do you own?
  2. I can't stand these programs, either. I don't see the point in putting huge shiny wheels on an old car, or better yet, TV screens underneath. To be honest, I can't believe the American public still isn't tired of these programs. Oldsmobile is one of my favorite car brands, and I am just glad I didn't have to witness this program myself.
  3. Thanks, Jeff. I love the look of the '60 model years, such style! To be honest, any engine would be OK with me, I just want one. Actually, I want more than one, but right now I am pretty short on parking spots. It is. My current driver is a 2003 Taurus, and the door bottoms, as well as the doglegs, are rusting out already. One of these days I will address that. Hi, Kings. Soon, I could be interested, but as of right now, I am jumping between jobs and it's not the right time, but thank you for the info. Dave, thank you for the link, I will be sure to check it out. I like the Crosley autos, too, and wouldn't mind having one some day to tool around in. I may contact you at a later date about your Edsel friend.
  4. There is something to be said for nostalgia. If that's how it was for you back in the day, who could blame you for wanting to hang on to it? I see by your signature that you are a bit of a Crosley-phile. I am too, but the ones I collect sit on a shelf and play AM radio
  5. Certainly looks like a '27 La Salle to me. The trim is right. A picture to compare with:
  6. That is a beautiful car. I agree with not doing a body resto. It looks to be in fantastic original condition.
  7. Jim, I thank you for the welcome. I honestly didn't expect a whole lot of support here on the rat rod idea, lol, but I popped in anyway because I love them original just as much as anyone, and the Thunderbird will be restored to original spec, down to the paint. As a matter of fact, I probably shouldn't use the term 'rat rod' anyway for the Edsel. I want one that is that 'rusty hulk' to restore mechanically, and leave the body roached and drive it that way. I don't want to chop the roof, or lower the suspension, or 'soup up' the motor, either, because eventually, I'm sure I will give it a proper restoration, but I will drive it around 'roached' for a while, because I just love that look. I am a huge Edsel nut, and do not believe in modifying any car permanently. I will not do any modifications to a car if it can't be reversed.
  8. My name is Rusty and I'm an autoholic. Have been since I could grip a steering wheel. I was looking for an Edsel forum and came across this website. I just had to join. I love old cars, old anything, really. I dabble in the buy/sell of vintage and antique items, but the problem is I have yet to sell anything! So I guess I just collect LOL. I love anything rusty and dusty. Anyway I have many plans in the automotive department. In the market right now for an Edsel Villager 9 passenger for a rat rod/daily driver project. Also looking for a 61-63 Tbird to restore as a daily driver for the wife to surprise her for an anniversary gift. Looking forward to checking out this forum and chatting with you all. If you wanna know anything more about me, feel free to ask.