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  1. These gauges were all working when removed from the car. Asking $100 Marvin Gage 919-846-4708 mkgage@aol.com
  2. All gauges worked when removed from the car. Asking $100 for the package. Phone 919-846-4708
  3. Received mine in NC on the 28th
  4. K M Lifestyle has sending units for series 12. WWW;mykmlifestyle.com
  5. My 1930 has a positive ground. When you said you hooked up the battery correctly, did you use a positive ground?
  6. Olcar Bearing Company can cut the felt seals if you provide the deminsions.
  7. Contact Olcar Bearing Company 910-693-3324. He has bearings and knows the conversions from one mfg to another.
  8. Roger I have a gas gauge that is not complete, but would allow you to run the car until you can get a complete unit. Call me at 919-846-4708
  9. Reynolds Speedometer has drive units. E=mail jreynolds2631@comcast.net
  10. The machinery used by Gemmer to manufacture steering boxes was sold to a company in South America. The Franklin Club contacted this company and they have manufactured the internal parts for about 100 Gemmer Boxes used on 1930 and 1931 Franklins.
  11. www.restorationstuff.com has various widths and colors of leather straps.
  12. You can purchase the copper line, fittings and red dye for the fuel gauge from www.bobsautomobilia.com. He calls it a gas gauge repair kit. He references it being for 29 to 31 buicks, but it is the same as your Franklin uses.
  13. lloyd Wilson in Anderson, SC has a 1926 Doctors Coupe he wants to sell. The car is apart but most of the restoration work has been completed. Lloyd can be reached at 864-367-6007.
  14. A 1927 Franklin Coupe is advertised on the Raleigh/Durham Craigslist (posting id # 4413005478).
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