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  1. Unless your car was owned by someone of note and there were pictures of the car and the person together or a paper trail, it would be nearly impossible today to trace the past ownership of an automobile. Todays privacy laws prevent such investigations of previous owners. It would be interesting to know who owned our Lincolns when they were new, but lets face it, most of our cars were owned new by some one of common background with a few dollars more than the average person.
  2. Ford has a terrible marketing system!! Remember the 2006 Zephyr? A lot of hype for a rebadged Ford that was on the market for ONE YEAR!! The problem with Ford is the Fords who try to run the company. Can y0u say interfere? They couldn't decide if Mercury should be a big Ford or a small Lincoln. Now it is gone. Lincoln is in the same boat. They can't decide if it should be a car or a truck (SUV). Local Ford Lincoln dealer had a display at a local car show a few years back and the 4 door 4wd Ford pickup was $20,000 more than the Lincoln sedan!!
  3. They look like the replacements for the original rivets that were peened over where yours have a 8-32 or 10-32 1/4" screw. Bob Boos had these as replacements years ago, check with Herral-Boos to see if they still have them. Otherwise, you can turn down stainless steel bolts on a lathe as replacements.
  4. All Lincolns were built in the Detriot plant. They were built in serial number secession for the Zephyrs, however the Continentals were basically Zephyr chassis and the Zephyr chassis were pulled off the line at random and put on the Continental body line. I don't know how long it took to build and mount a Continental body, but if it was more time, the numbers at the end of the line would be out of kilter with the Zephyr numbers. I have a 1946 Continental Coupe that has a build date of Jan 15, 1947. I would think that that would be a 1947 model as it wouldn't reach the dealer until later i
  5. This is strange, because of three Lincolns that I have sent away for info, they all came back with the date of production and where the car was shipped to.
  6. That is the total of all Lincolns made. I understand the next to last V 12 made was a Continental Coupe
  7. You are missing a digit in the VIN number. There were181,000+ H series V 12 built, not 18,000.
  8. I purchased a header panel from Oak Steam Bent Bows in Pennsylvania when I did my 1948 Zephyr convertible. They insisted that the Continental Cabriolet and the Zephyr Convertible were the same. At the time I had a Continental as well as the Zephyr and they are different. I sent them my original bow and they made a new one as per the original. Or so they said. I spent 8 hours reshaping the bow to fit while my top man was waiting to put the top on.
  9. I googled your 925 KD tool and saw that they do not recommend it being used to break loose frozen guides. I have used the KD lever with some success. I have also had success breaking off the head of the valve and driving down the guide to release the keeper. I used the straight shaft 49 to 53 Ford valves as replacements. A 50/50 mixture of acetone and ATF helps to break the seal of frozen guides. Any way you go it is tough to remove FOMOCO valves of this era.
  10. If you have 2 or 3 bad ignition wires, you may have 9 or 10 more on close examination. There are 3 wires on each side that cross over to the other side. I would think that replacing just one of those would be a chore. Do all twelve, it is not that much more difficult. I have used strong cord to pull the wires through the tubes. Mount the tubes to the edge of your work bench to more easily get the wires to the right length.
  11. Are you sure that the coil is in good condition? A bad coil behaves the same as vapor lock. Perhaps Skip Haney in Fla could rebuild it. Give him a call and see if he will handle it.
  12. Let's see, train A left the station at 1 PM traveling east at 50 MPH. Train B left the station at 1:30 PM west bound traveling at 40MPH At what time did they serve lunch?
  13. If you were half my age then, how come you are still half my age?
  14. Larry lied about his age when he first joined LZOC
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