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  1. Thankyou Jim, I went to Thunderbird infoway and sure enough they had the same numbers as the sccoa. Sounds like these numbers are correct. I think i may try to find out who headed up the sc line at ford and maybe talk to them. Thanks again Jim.
  2. hi to all, my name is bob. i own a 1994 thunderbird super coupe. it has the 3.8 supercharged v6 with a 5 speed transmission. because of this trans there were only 722 produced in 94. i was wondering if anybody would know how i can confirm this? the car is 99% stock, and i have tracked it to being sold new in southern california as a lease, rental, or fleet vehical. ford is of no help for the production numbers. i have posted this same question over at sccoa. since this is where i found out that this is such a rare car, but nobody would elaborate on where the numbers came from. any help or leads are greatly appreciated. thanks guys.